Remember His Wonders

Remember His Wonders

“Remember His wonders which
He has done, His marvels and the
judgments uttered by His mouth.”

~ Psalm 105:5

Bernie & Linda Beall
Celebrating Thirty Years in Ministry Together
Preface by Joshua Beall

Will You Consider “The Right Questions”?

Sometimes the key to life isn’t just having the answers to any old question, but knowing the right questions to ask, and then seeking the answers to those questions.

For each of us, our eternal destiny rests in knowing and living the answer to the most important question in life, which could be phrased like this:

“If you were to die tonight and stand before God and He were to ask you,
‘Why should I let you into My heaven?’ what would you say?”

In probably the most quoted verse from the Bible, Jesus gives a succinct answer:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” ~ John 3:16

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, it is our prayer that these words of
Jesus would be true in your life:

“This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God,
and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” ~ John 17:3

1981 after our engagement

Another very important question in life, especially for followers of Jesus, is:

How have I influenced others (and vice versa) in light of eternity?

This booklet is a compilation of thoughts from friends across our more than three decades in ministry together. To the glory of God, this has been a very humbling, encouraging and motivating experience to hear these words from so many good friends. We hope you are blessed and encouraged in your own spiritual journey. May we all hear these words from the Lord Jesus Christ: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” ~ Matt. 25:21

~ Bernie & Linda Beall
Thanksgiving 2013


We have been amazingly blessed by parents who gave us so much in so many ways: life wisdom, spiritual direction, Christian heritage and examples, support and encouragement, not to mention life itself. Our life calling and continuity in ministry traces directly to them as the first and continuing influences in our life.

Our only sorrow in celebrating thirty years in ministry together is that Fred and Jim & May aren’t here to rejoice with us. Yet they are certainly rejoicing. And their absence makes Bernardine’s presence all the more precious.

So we dedicate this memory book to our loving parents.

Soli Deo Gloria

Jim & May Chapman and Fred & Bernardine Beall on our wedding day

“That the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born, That they may arise and tell them to their children, That they should put their confidence in God And not forget the works of God, But keep His commandments.”
~ Psalm 78:6-7

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The Bernie & Linda Beall Family 1983 and 2013

Wedding Party: Sue Byers, Marta Beall, Sandy Nye, Debbie Wildermuth & Joy Beall
Barry Beall, Marty Beall, Dan Chapman, Rick Holladay & Mark Menzel


Joshua Beall — Our First Born

Growing up with my Mom and Dad, I always felt very involved in their calling to share the gospel, and I always felt the importance of that calling. I can recall, from a very young age, going on trips with my dad to outreaches, discipleship events, and Crusade staff training. Even when I was too young to really understand what was going on, my parents involved me. I remember driving to various events in the Pontiac 6000 station wagon, watching the scenery go by, asking my Dad what the lines in the mountains were (drill marks where they had placed explosives to blast the mountain away), hoping we would get to drive through a tunnel... and overheating the cigarette lighter in the 12v DC power outlet, because I didn’t know what it was, and kept pushing it in until it was too hot to touch and the plastic knob was molten. As you can tell by that anecdote, it wasn’t easy involving me in your lives. I was probably even more troublesome than most young boys, and most young boys are already a handful! If I wasn’t getting into trouble, I was probably thinking about how to get into trouble.

1983 - Josh is an enthusiastic nine month old!

But both of you made it a priority to invest in the lives of your children, including me. That took many different shapes: homeschooling us, involving us in your outreaches, nurturing the various passions you saw in each of us, and giving us reproof when needed. There were countless events along the way, like the International Student Resource Project at the University of Maryland, the missions trip Dad took me on to Spain and North Africa, and the countless hours mom spent teaching me to read, write, spell, and think. But it wasn’t one particular event that made the difference in my life; it was a lifetime of perseverance in well-doing that I am grateful for. You’ve stepped into a new role now, as grandparents, but I can see that you are continuing to eagerly encourage and pour life and vitality into the spirits of my children. If I had been in most families in America, I probably would have been diagnosed with some childhood personality or attention disorder, put on Ritalin, been given a poor education, and wound up saddled with a mountain of debt for it besides. Instead, you took the time to do hard things in training me, pointed out alternatives to the mainstream, and I consider all the blessings God has given me today to be the result of how He lead you to do those hard things.

Thanks, Mom & Dad! God bless you and your ministry!

Your Son,


To the glory of God, it has been a very humbling, encouraging and motivating experience to hear from scores of friends from across so many years. Beginning with our campus ministry years to our more recent family ministry years, we are filled with joy as we remember God’s faithfulness to us and through us. We are so grateful for the many people in this booklet, and for the many, many others that could have also been included.

We are also filled with gratefulness for the amazing generosity of so many people who have invested in our life and ministry for many years, some even the full thirty years. Praise the Lord!

To “Remember His Wonders” across multiple decades, there are four chapters to cover each of our primary ministry settings, with various special ministry projects sprinkled in. Each chapter begins with a short introduction from us, and has a series of family photos from those years on the facing page. The Prologue Section, though it precedes our thirty years in full-time ministry, covers our student years when we were first involved with Campus Crusade and met each other. ⋅

Thank you for your friendship! God’s great blessings,
In Christ,
Bernie & Linda

“For we are His workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus for good
works, which God prepared
beforehand so that we would
walk in them.” ~ Ephesians 2:10

On the Dedication page (inside the front cover) and on the wall plaque dedicating our home to the Lord, there is a Latin phrase, Soli Deo Gloria, which means “Glory to God Alone.” It is often abbreviated simply S.D.G.

Bach & Handel often put it at the end of their compositions. That is exactly what Handel wrote at the very end of the Messiah when he was finished!


Our Student Days: PSU — 1976-1981

Crusade House: Bernardine, Fred, Joy & Bernie, July 1979. Spring Formal, April 1980

Penn State Campus Crusade for Christ — Operation Sonshine
Daytona Beach, Florida — Spring Break 1980

Our graduations in 1980 & 81, and wedding on December 5th, 1981

Introduction - Bernie & Linda met as students at Penn State in the spring of 1979 at the Crusade House where Bernie lived at the time. Beyond the original influence of our parents, the friends we made and our foundation for a lifetime of Christian ministry together were entirely formed at Penn State. We are still in touch with hundreds of our Penn State friends, among whom are many in fulltime ministry themselves. Of several amazing episodes during our student days, one of the biggest was the challenge by Rick Holladay for Bernie to join a fraternity and seek to be a faithful Christian brother in their midst. Most significantly, Linda personally came to Christ when two Crusade girls “randomly” shared the gospel with her on the HUB lawn. She was soon growing spiritually with a passion for prayer, evangelism and cooking meals at the Crusade House. Bernie was won over! We got engaged on April 1st (Bernie’s spiritual birthday) in early ’81 and were married on December 5th, 1981.

Chris Momose — Penn State ‘80, now missionary in Japan

It has been a LONG time, so my memories are not so clear about our time back at PSU. I do remember that the Lord brought Bernie into my life at a time when I was just beginning to seriously seek the Lord. I was in the mining engineering work-study program at the time, planning on going into coal mining engineering. I had just returned from a 6-month stint at a coal mine in Ohio for my next 6-month time of college courses before returning to Ohio for another 6 months of work study.

Chris & Bernie during Japan Summer Project in 1986

I was just beginning to sense the Lord calling me into missionary work, and it was at this time that I met Bernie and joined his Action Group with Campus Crusade for Christ. I had been involved with CCC before going to Ohio, so it was natural for me to seek out CCC at that time.

The Lord used Bernie at this time in my life to help me grow in my love for God’s Word, and the Lord taught me many things through Bernie’s life and commitment to the Lord and to those he was discipling. I don’t remember any specifics, but I will always remember Bernie’s love and faithfulness, and his passion for sharing the Gospel.

We’ve stayed in touch all these years, and even had the privilege to share a brief reunion here in Japan, where I have been a missionary since the summer of 1983. That was a special gift from the Lord.

I consider it a great privilege to have been discipled by Bernie, even if it was for such a short time. He was one cog in the wheel of God’s divine plan and preparation for my life of ministry in Japan, and I will always be grateful for his friendship, love, faithfulness, and example.

George Ryan — Penn State ‘80

As I look back on these years, one of the lasting things I’ve learned from Bernie and the ministry at Penn State is the comfort that comes from trusting God.

79 - George (center), Gary & Cheryl Ott (far left & right)

Once, I locked myself out of my Penn State dorm room when I had an important test coming up for my next class and I needed some notes from inside my room.
I called to have a custodian open my room, but they said it may be a couple of hours before someone could come. I sat outside my room and just prayed to God that things would work out. The next thing I knew, someone came up to unlock my door - within minutes. I often remember that simple moment when I trusted God and had the assurance He would somehow come through for me.

Trusting God back then has helped my to realize that I can trust Him in other uncertain situations. In my life today, I’m seeing much anger, anxiety, panic, and stress everyday from my fellow workers depending on their own efforts to get though the day. Most people I interact with today are going through the day with the wrong motives. The ‘me first’ attitude is widespread. I wish they all could just understand all the great things I experienced at Penn State through the caring and giving attitudes of Bernie and others at Penn State. Happiness comes from serving others and seeing God’s work in the lives of others.

I could hardly believe the caring and giving attitudes of Bernie and others at Penn State. Bernie not only encouraged me to lead my first “Discovery Group” Bible study, but helped me to learn that prayer, Bible study, church and fellowship are essential. I learned that all that knowledge obtained from the evening prayer times, weekly bible studies, summer projects, Christmas conferences and times when we shared Christ with others on campus could be transferred to others. Since graduation, I have been involved with summer mission trips, church activities, evangelistic outreaches, Bible study with my family and others. I can now see how the things I experienced at Penn State helped me have the right perspective to deal with my experiences later in life.

Mark Vitale — Penn State ‘79, Roommate

It seems so long ago that we were at PSU, and indeed it has been mumbledy mumbledy years (obligatory Bill Mumley pun). But in other ways it seems like it’s hardly been any time at all. This is why the eternal perspective we were taught at PSU is so important; in the light of eternity, all times are short. You and Linda have grasped this in your ministry and it’s been a privilege to be part of your team for this reason.

Things I remember from Penn State: Being your roommate in the dorms - was it for a whole year? I don’t remember, I had so many roommates. That was when we were P.O.O.M.S. - Persons Of Opposite Mind Strata. I’m pretty sure that was your idea, and that sign on the door did open up a few conversations with “the pagans” on the floor. And we had a few great conversations ourselves.

78 - Bernie & Mark Vitale, a couple of P.O.O.M.S.

I could keep up with you intellectually, but you always left me in the dust athletically. I remember refusing to play basketball with you because you were so good and I was so bad. I also remember getting mad at you when we would “walk” back and forth from North Halls to the CCC House. I could never keep up with your “efficient” walk! We also had a lot of good times together hanging out with the rest of the Northies: Mark Kline, Cathy Preslovich, Cathy Bostwick, Lisa Ackerman, Carol Caughey, Pete Stathis (the photo bug!), Bill Mumley, Dan Mills, Omar Ifft (the turkey farmer!), Fred Fox (and his bass voice), Cathy Meyer and others.

And we had an honorary “Northie” too, your sister Joy who I still remember visiting campus from time to time. I’m sure I’m forgetting many. And of course we had great times on our trips to Daytona (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks all at Krystal Burger), camping with Rusty Carraway and the guys at “Outtasight,” and various road trips in my giant white ‘67 Chrysler Newport. We were very blessed to be part of such a strong student ministry, and to learn so much at LTC and our various training activities in small groups and one on one with our leaders.

I also enjoyed our time at the CCC House, although I’m not sure any more if you and I were there the same years or not. I do remember my roommate there was Mark Steinbach, and that we were both quite happy to sleep on the floor, as I think many did at the House. My favorite memories of that place are: the action group “wheel”; the guys all singing hymns at the top of their lungs in the dining room before the evening meal; the first shock of realizing there were no stalls in the bathroom; teasing Phil Hardin for using the “women’s bathroom.”

Two things that still remind me of you today: Whenever I sit in a fast food place, I still remember you “metering” your drink so you’d have enough to wash down the last bite. Whenever I’m driving, I still remember the “Beall method” of tracking all surrounding traffic for defensive driving. Sorry these are not “spiritual” or profound, but it’s funny the things that stick in our memories.

Bernie, it’s such an encouragement to see your faithfulness in going wherever God has called you over all these years. And your creativity in finding ways to tell others about Him is encouraging as well. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your marriage, your family, and your ministry for another 30 years.

in His grip,
your brother,

78 - Dean at the student
union building (HUB)
giving a gospel talk

Dean Overholt — Penn State ‘80, now missionary in Thailand

I knew Bernie before he went on Cru staff or even got married. We were young PSU students and on fire and running wild. I have fond memories of driving around State College delivering pizza and playing loud music and just having some serious fun. As Bernie’s small group leader in 1978-79 in North Halls we prayed together and studied the Word together and climbed towers to put up Josh McDowell banners in the cold icy wind. Wild and crazy is all I can say. God is so good though as we both stuck with it and found our path with Jesus and got through the difficult single years to be married a week apart… and are still married! That speaks volumes to the world that a personal relationship with God works. Bernie is to this day a most gifted evangelist with more technique and energy and winsome personality “than you can shake a stick at” (some of Bernie’s favorite words). I also remember his constant vocal response to adversity: D.W.A.I.!! . . . Don’t Worry About It. That says it all!

Rick Holladay — PSU CCC Staff, Bernie’s Best Man, missionary in Germany

I may have forgotten a lot of details over the years, but I do remember a very confident young guy, tall with longish black hair. I was told you were the quintessential college farm-boy. He certainly had the plaid flannel wardrobe to back it up. Bernie, you were a leader looking for a mission. I had a mission and needed some leaders. It was bound to click.

Bernie was a natural at a lot of things. For example, you were a successful student, a gifted athlete, and a recognized leader amongst your peers. But all of these were eclipsed by the wonder of God bringing Linda into your life. Linda was and is the beauty, the completion, the helper, the partner and the best friend that only God could provide for you. Fortunately, you both recognized God’s wonderful hand guiding your lives together.

Fall 1979 - Bernie & Rick at the Crusade House,
about when Rick launched FTG (“For The Greeks” )
as a ministry to fraternities & sororities at Penn State

Over the years, God has certainly taken you both many places. My impression is that His wonders have been most clearly shown in the legacy you will leave through people. First of all your own four children. Secondly their spouses and thirdly their legacy in your grandchildren. How much more of God’s wonder could be apparent in one family! You have both introduced many people into the Kingdom, and now that is being multiplied through your kids and grandkids. In this life it’s very clear, the impact you both have had. I can only imagine that in eternity, that impact will be multiplied many times over and will certainly emphasize the wonder of God’s grace in your lives.

Speaking of grace, it is clearly His grace which has seen you through the difficult and challenging times. This, more than your successes, has shown your character and faithfulness to Him and each other.

Some of my vivid memories include the night you got engaged, and what the “brothers” in your fraternity did in an effort both to honor and belittle at the same time. They invited Linda over and when she saw you in a rather embarrassing situation, she began to cry, because she felt so badly for you. I know you were going along with it, and that in fact, the guys in your house had found no chinks in your armor. So all they could do, was try and embarrass you. I rarely saw you lose your cool, but when you saw how upset Linda was, then you’d had enough. It wasn’t about you, it was about her. I realized too, afterward, that she was “upset-angry,” not “upset-shocked.” In Linda, you found a partner who could stand by you in the good times and in the worst times.

There were a lot of road trips together: Atlanta, Daytona, Toronto...a lot of time sharing our faith and sharing our lives. It was truly an honor to stand by you when you and Linda joined your lives together. It brings my emotions to the surface when I think about how faithful both of you have been. We love you both. Keep fighting the good fight. love, Rick

Peter Hunt — Penn State ’79, Crusade House

The first thing that I noticed about Bernie was the boldness and easy manner in which he meets people. With a quick smile and calm manner he puts everyone at ease. I’ve always admired his ever present evangelistic attitude motivated by his love for God and his neighbor. He has always been a reliable friend for over 35 years. I could always count on hearing from him. Whether I was going through good or bad, Bernie was always there encouraging me with news of the good God was doing. There could hardly be a nicer guy to have as part of my life. His infectious joy that resonates though everything he says and does has brought gladness to my heart many a time. Bernie has been the most enjoyable friend that God has blessed me with. Thank you Bernie for being my friend.

Ray Rohland — Penn State ‘79, Crusade House

College was a crazy time – a time for growing in the Lord and learning to truly love and follow Jesus with our whole hearts. One year in Daytona Beach, FL on a Spring Break outreach called Operation Sonshine, we all headed out onto the beach, the boardwalk and the shopping areas to share our faith in Christ. Equipped with orange wristbands at the request of the Daytona Beach police department – we paired up and found people to talk to about Jesus! That year was a strange year in Daytona Beach… rather than the tens of thousands of students on Spring Break we normally found, it was the year of the national convention of several motorcycle clubs and gangs!

I remember determinedly leading my scared-out-of-his-mind partner to a rendez-vous with a group of ten bikers dealing drugs off the back of a station wagon parked on the beach amongst their Harleys. Given a chance to put their faith in Christ and repent of their sins – four of the ten men committed their lives to Christ – the leader of the gang was the first one to bow his head with tears streaming down his face – broken-hearted at his rebellion against God and overwhelmed with the knowledge of God’s love and forgiveness in Christ.

Ray & Gail Rohland & Family circa 1992. Ray & Bernie had lived at the Crusade House and Gail & Linda were roommates. As couples, we were married the same day in different states at different times, and some of our many mutual friends attended both weddings! Both our families had four children each. :-)

And at that moment, I wondered if I was the only person on that beach crazy enough to approach Hell’s Angels with the Gospel… and then my eye caught the splash of color from orange wristbands not too far away from two other students sharing their faith with the bikers. Sure enough, with a smile on his face there was Bernie Beall standing in the middle of a group of bikers, Four Spiritual Laws booklets passed out to one and all sharing the Gospel with these rough tough men who desperately needed to know the love of God!

Well times have changed, and we are certainly older and some might say wiser – but the memory that will always be firmly etched in my mind of Bernie was that day standing on a beach in Florida doing what many would think was a crazy thing in a crazy place of making Christ known to those who desperately needed him. I am glad that is something about Bernie that has never changed and never will and what a privilege to count Bernie as a friend and fellow laborer over all these years on the journey!

Gail (Lucas) Rohland — Penn State ‘81

Linda, though I can’t remember a lot of details, I have fond memories of living with you and Tennie Shade in the women’s staff apartment during the summer of 1981. I recall you were working nights and had to sleep during the day. And you kept such a nice positive outlook about it! You were faithful to all our CCC activities that summer. You had (and still do) a big heart for the lost. And you consistently and happily spent time with the Lord.

Bernie, as I told Linda, I don’t remember a whole lot about that summer. I had a lot of studies; I was determined to graduate in November. You and I were put in charge of the CCC ministry that summer. I guess all went pretty well. I remember you were a good leader (and still are, I’m sure). I would be bothered by something and you would be calm and take it all in stride. People respected you and you did well at pointing them toward Christ.

Linda, by Fall it was just you and me as roommates in the basement apartment of Julie McElfish’s home on Foster Avenue. You seemed to have gotten better hours by then, thank goodness. I know your work as a nurse was satisfying for you; you always had such a concern for people and enjoyed helping them. On your way home from work at night, you would often pick me up from Roy Rogers where I had been studying. You have a big heart for serving people.

Needless to say, all this time we were distracted with the men in our lives. We were both planning weddings and we were both getting married on the same day. Fortunately, our weddings were at different times, so our friends could go from one celebration to the other.

We have both been blessed over these years and each have four kids. I have enjoyed our occasional visits. I have seen God use you as a couple in so many situations. God knew you perfectly complimented each other. May your 30 year celebration bring glory to God! With Love, Gail

Bruce McCluggage — Penn State
(from ‘06 when launching our ministry)

1975 - Old photo evoking Bruce’s memories
of Bernie (center) with hair flying in the air

Thanks so much for your commitment to keeping the communications lines open and working well between the old PSU gang, as well as for a host of others, I suspect. It’s funny how we all end up following various trails and dreams in life… from such common beginnings, too. Who would’ve thunk it? I remember first meeting you on a basketball court at Rec Hall...long flowing brown hair just dominating the game. You moved like a panther out there on the, strong, quiet, sleek, in control yet with a flash in his eyes. You were a study in contrasts. So dominating on the court, so unassuming and ‘quiet’ off the court. Long brown radical hair, but you raised no megaphones in “protest” to anything. Getting to know you was a trip. Having been around good athletes all my life, I initially expect a walk of pride with a sort of swagger of confidence (oftentimes overconfidence for most). Not you. You were the nicest guy anyone would ever want to meet. At first I thought you were “quiet” and I oft mistake that as a person who lacks initiative or drive or passion or zeal. Not you, baby. Your mind is ALWAYS ticking, always thinking, always strategizing. It’s like you never left the basketball court, really. And that, combined with a wonderful spirit and personality such as yourself, makes an amazing combination of loyalty and commitment and service for anyone who has ‘hired’ you. CCC has been quite lucky to have you, Bernie Beall, for all these years.

Dave Lucca — Penn State ‘80

Bernie, I have several distinct memories of that summer in State College…

First, it was a wonderful spiritual time, a close knit group of Christ-followers, growing without the CCC staff riding herd on us. In the fall, it seemed our town had been invaded, structure returned and everything got more complicated and “doing” oriented, instead of growing and being. There was a peaceful, wonderful goodness of helping the new students and the old ones grow stronger. One of the highlights at Penn State for me.

1979 - Ray Rohland and Dave Lucca
lead worship with Pastor Dick Ottoson
before a lakeside baptism service

I remember when I taught on the Upper Room from Acts and we all went up to the “rack room” to hear God’s Word as it described the early experiences of the disciples. Being in the upper room at the Crusade House made it come alive and bonded us all more closely.

I remember Homero had his younger sister staying in State College for some amount of time that summer. I was kidding with him to fix me up with her and he said he would “never allow a gringo! to date his sister.” I think he meant it!

I remember finding you awake at about 1:00am and hearing you describe your experiment of changing to 6 days in a week, with each having 28 hours... As I remember it, you were going strong at 1:00am and it was roughly equivalent to dinner time… I enjoyed the fellowship with you that summer, Bernie. It was the only time we “worked together” during my Penn State years.
Love to you both, Dave

Tom Bell — Penn State

Bernie came into my life when I most needed a friend. I had recently transferred to Penn State from Purdue and was forced to move into a fraternity. As you might imagine, fraternity living is a little different than joining a Christian campus house. That said, God had a plan, and I did my best to represent Jesus without being judgmental, etc. However, it didn’t take long for my fraternal brothers to realize that I was a Christian. When you don’t cuss, or join X-rated video day, or talk about how many girls you want to get into bed with, I reckon people think you are different, grin. I heard this called “Lifestyle evangelism” and I lived it every day.

Although most of my brothers accepted me, a few didn’t like my quiet stance at all. It made them feel guilty. Naturally, I wanted to be included in the reindeer games just like everyone else. I asked one time if I could chug milk instead of beer in this game they always played called “Whales Tails Prince of Whales.” They let me play, but it ticked off one guy. He later got drunk and threatened to beat me up because he didn’t like me. Another told me that his mission in life was to get me drunk. I just smiled and thought, “Hey, Paul got stoned, so I can understand his desire to get me stoned too!” (Insert big smile here.)

Bottom line. I was being immersed into trials just like James chapter 1 says we’ll be.

Hey, I loved God and was blessed to have been raised by Christian parents, but I soon realized that it was very lonely to take a stand for Christ, even if it was done with love and peace in mind. This is when God introduced me to Bernie. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly how we first met, but I do know that he came into my life at the perfect time. Bernie was full of God and life. His energy level exhibited that he walked with God daily and was full of the Spirit. When I first met him, I thought, “Man, is this guy for real?!” The good news is “Yes, Bernie is real, and he absolutely loves the Lord!” Bernie stuck with me and sought me out several times. Our talks were very encouraging. He let me talk about my situation and encouraged me, as a brother, and I really needed my hope rebooted, as you know, at that low time in my life. So, I hung in there, and made it through. No, I wasn’t perfect, but what I mean is, that I didn’t give in to the temptation to put Christ on the shelf, if you know what I mean. Thank you so much Bernie for shining the light of Christ wherever you go. It makes a difference.

In fact, here’s something you don’t know. Consider it a gift from God to demonstrate how He works in mysterious ways and uses ALL of us together as one body, united in purpose, and in love. About 10 years after I graduated, one of my fraternity brothers, who was also a pledge brother, called me out of the blue. He said, “Hi, Tom! My pastor said that we ought to call someone who made an impact on us, so I wanted to call and thank you for influencing my life. I got saved after college, I’m married, I have kids, and I go to church every week.” I said thank you, but explained that I didn’t remember talking to him about it or anything, and although I was glad to hear that he was saved, that I really don’t think I had anything to do with it. He said, “No, Tom, you did.” “It wasn’t what you said, it was what you did.” “Do you remember carrying around a root beer can at our parties and holding it like it was a beer stein?!” “That was crazy, funny, but it showed me that Christians can fit in and be proud of who they are.” “Also, I liked that you never judged anyone or thought you were better than anyone.” “It made an impact on me, and helped me want to go to church with my girlfriend, now wife.” “That’s where I heard of Jesus and accepted Him as my Savior!”

Wow, who knew how important it was to walk in a manner worthy of our calling. Thank God that He knows of our struggles and sends His family members into our lives at the right time. In this case, you, Bernie. Your encouragement helped me through those lonely times so that God would continue to shine through me at that fraternity, so that at least one brother that we know of so far, could open his heart to Jesus. Amen!

Love you man! Keep up the good work by and through Jesus and the Spirit which He so richly has provided.
Your brother, Tom

Delta Chi won the overall I.M. Fraternity Championship Bischoff Trophy in 1981 with Bernie (upper left) as House MVP. ΔΧ champion softball & volleyball teams.

David Clark — India Summer Project 1980

During the summer of 1980, as part of a CCC summer project to India, Bernie and I had an opportunity to team up on a two person assignment to Jammu and Kashmir. Teams were going out in different directions, from the base in Bangalore, but this one was the most remote. Looking back I would say this assignment was as much an adventure as a mission. One new experience followed by another provided many opportunities to trust God. It seemed that Bernie was always helping us keep our eyes on what was important, and was never without a good story to share. Yet in the foot hills of the Himalayas, surrounded by marvelous sights, I can best remember learning about his upbringing – a family, a father that loved Jesus in a simple, yet profound way. God had established a legacy in Bernie’s life that He continues to honor to this day.

Fast forward about 25 years and a family vacation to Virginia passing through Washington, D.C. My wife, Mary, her mom, our three children meet my friend Bernie from another life time in our nation’s capital. In what seems like no time at all, we are back in stride with our friendship and learning U.S. history in the context of HisStory. My children still talk about this trip to this day.

This brings me to this past summer, and my oldest daughter’s second trip to India and Nepal. Granted, not all my stories about India included Bernie, but there is no doubt in my mind that he was the instigator for many of the times we broke the faith barrier and experienced God’s best. Those instances multiplied themselves in my life no doubt playing a part in our young college student, soon to be school teacher, that is following Jesus wherever He should lead.

These collections of thoughts would not be complete without thanking Linda for the many ministry prayer letters that she has written over the years – many of which I will set aside to read or refer to again and again. These letters bring to life the Bernie I came to know many years ago; and, I continue to be encouraged and challenged by the ever expanding Beall family.

I love you, brother.

Bob Flayhart — Penn State

Fall 1980 - FTG guys: Bob in center by Bernie

What I remember from you at Penn State is your leadership. I was a brand new convert and we were able to spend a lot of time together. You gave me a picture of a godly man, a man hungry for the word, committed to Christ and to the Great Commission. I’ll never forget that road trip to Hot-Lanta 10 days after I gave my life to Christ. It changed everything.

So glad you have experienced the Lord’s grace over the long haul. Let’s finish well as we round the turn toward home! Too few cross the tape of the finish line at a full sprint.

Every blessing, Pastor Bob Flayhart, Birmingham, AL

Jay Jung — Penn State, Delta Chi

As I look back on how I entered college at Penn State, I am struck by how God had his guiding hand on me and how clueless I was to all of it at the time. I met Bernie in my first year at Penn State in late 1980. Being that vulnerable to all the things that come with the freedom of leaving home, I know now that I took my salvation as a “done deal” and decided to dive head first into all that college had to offer. That included fraternities. Somehow I landed at Delta Chi, through the recommendation of a friend, which probably wasn’t in God’s divine will and path for my life. But God had me bunk my first semester there in a suite that included Bernie. Bernie lived an example I wouldn’t fully realize until after I graduated, and his example really didn’t start showing up in my life until later in my Junior and Senior years - well after he had left. But if he hadn’t shown me that I could actually be who God wants me to be, instead of who everyone else was encouraging me to be, I’m not quite sure what I would have gotten into. Sometimes the examples we all set plant seeds that we don’t ever see take hold. That’s probably how it was for Bernie concerning me and my actions. But God’s plan is great and I know that Bernie was there because God needed someone to remind me that He was even an option at Penn State!

81 - Delta Chi roommate Jay & his wall art

Bernie encouraged me to go to Chicago with Campus Crusade for Christ during a particularly tough semester for me. When we think we are just too overloaded to take time for Christ, He proves that it is actually the first thing we should do. It was one of the most powerful times I spent at Penn State and I am positive that it helped to guide my actions beyond college. Today, I thank God that He put Bernie into my path - even for that one short semester! I wonder if - when God told Bernie to go be in a fraternity - he might have questioned that just a little. “Really?” I can imagine might have been Bernie’s reply. Thanks for trusting God, Bernie!!

Crawford Clark — Penn State ‘82

As I look back during my college years, I am extremely grateful to God for putting Bernie in my life. He was instrumental in helping me understand what it was to have Jesus as my personal Savior. The concept of having Jesus in my life in an everyday relationship literally transformed my life. Thanks, Bernie!


IUP — 1983-91 (8 years)

Our family was marvelously blessed during our eight years
in Indiana, Pennsylvania. In 1985, Aaron was born,
followed by our daughter Sarah in 1987,
and our youngest son Daniel in 1989.

Introduction - For our first eight years in fulltime ministry we were under the great leadership of Marc & Patty Rutter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Bernie had never heard of it before we were assigned there. Being a mid-sized university in rural western Pennsylvania, IUP was a great place to grow a new campus ministry of evangelism and discipleship. It has been a great blessing to see so many who were then young students continue to walk with the Lord for the long haul, many with their own families now, and a good number in pastoral and other ministries themselves.

And we made such dear friends at our church in Indiana, PA. Three of our four children were born in Indiana and were dedicated to the Lord at the Indiana Alliance Church.

Several summer projects were memorable for us, including those in Fort Collins, CO, Wildwood, NJ and overseas in Japan. Read on and enjoy these memories shared from good friends from our IUP years and those special projects!

Marc Rutter — IUP CCC Campus Director

I remember Bernie and Linda being the answer to many prayers that Patty and I prayed back in 1981-1982. We had been asked to pioneer the Cru Ministry at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. God blessed our initial efforts by raising up dozens of students our first year, opening many doors to share Christ, and allowing us the opportunity to make disciples. But we soon realized that we needed co-laborers to join us in this new ministry. The Lord providentially sent Bernie and Linda (with Josh as a baby) to join us on our new team at IUP.

Bernie came with a lot of experience having served as a student leader at Penn State. He came with a great smile, a willing servant heart and a terrific work ethic. In addition, he loved students and together we enjoyed meeting as many students as possible. Bernie never met a stranger and students loved Bernie. When I think back on our time, it isn’t one memory I think of (not just because I am older now) but rather ministry together at IUP was a daily journey. I enjoyed how Bernie and I divided the Campus and developed movements of students to lead others. I laughed often as Bernie told his infamous stories about growing up. I marveled at his propensity and ability to remember so much trivia. But what I appreciated was that Bernie always provided historical context for our ministry and mission. Bernie loved students, he loved His Lord and he loved his family. Perhaps the greatest testimony is that 30 years later he is on the same path!

Thank you, Bernie, for coming along side of me and helping IUP become a ministry that has sent students to all parts and sectors of the world to share Christ, build others in their faith, and to grow God’s kingdom.

Thank you for answering the call to join us at IUP.
Bless you, Marc Rutter

Patty Rutter — IUP CCC Associate Campus Director

Congratulations on 30 years of ministry! I echo Marc’s comments. The years together at IUP were rich in so many ways. It was obvious from the time we met that you were willing servants who wanted God to use your lives for His glory. In addition to your contributions in more formal ministry, I have fond memories of how gracious and hospitable and giving you were. I (our family) was often the recipient of your kindness. Linda, our house was a warmer place because of your willingness to share your time and talents to sew and stencil curtains for our kitchen, sew nursery items for our twins, as well as matching outfits for our children. Also, you both loved and ministered to us in times of great joy as well as great sorrow.

There is much more I could write if only I could remember. Just know that I am thankful to the Lord for the years we ministered together at IUP. God used you to touch the lives of many people for eternity during those 8 years, including mine, and for that I am forever grateful.

Blessings to you and your family as you continue to minister together.
~ Patty Rutter

IUP Campus Crusade for Christ — Operation Sonshine
Daytona Beach, Florida — Spring Break 1984

Steve Eshbaugh — IUP

I think one of the earliest memories I have is speaking with you & Linda and seeing Josh in a baby carrier that was by the wall and against the floor. He was sound asleep.

Steve Eshbaugh & Family in 1996

I remember driving in two vans on our way to Daytona Beach. We stopped at your Mom and Dad’s place on the way and your Mom had food for us. Because I was 21 then, I was able to drive one of the vans and we called ourselves “The Honkin’ Varmints.” One of the Turnbaugh sisters made that up. You and I spent the day together at EPCOT and your strategy was to go to the far side first. We did, and were able hit every ride. I was amazed! The last ride we did was showing an animated man in an elongated balloon, like a dirigible. We didn’t like our seats so we jumped out of our little cart into the middle cart to get a better view. A big no no, but it was the last ride of the day. Daytona is where I signed up to go to Japan for “Discover Friends” and I was there for two months. I remember you giving me pointers in how to raise support.

For spiritual significance I can say, Bernie, that in that time at IUP, I could see that you and Linda were passionate about Christ and that had a big impact on me. Now, after all these years, your passion for Christ has not lessened. I have never known anyone that has a passion for evangelism like you and Linda. That continues to impact me. For me personally, my passion for evangelism grew when my passion for Christ grew, and I can see that you have had a passion for Christ for as long as I have known you and Linda. Thank you for that example.

I am provoked in how you have raised your children. You were the first couple I ever knew that homeschooled your children and Anna and I have followed in your footsteps. You were unapologetic and passionate about when you first described it to me many, many years ago. At the time I thought, “Home schooling! Are you kidding?” But here we are doing the same thing. I see your children sharing your and Linda’s passion and I want my children to be passionate like that. I want to sit with you, talk with you about that further, as I know I am lacking in that area.

After all these years, Bernie and Linda, it is wonderful to see you both following Christ like you are. You have impacted countless numbers of students who are going to carry the gospel world-wide.

Thank you for your example and for your love for Christ. I respect you both.
Your brother in Jesus, Steve

Bob Kaylor — IUP Student, now UMC Pastor

I remember meeting Bernie during the second semester of my freshman year at IUP. I loved his enthusiasm and his zeal for introducing others to Christ. He and Marc Rutter were great Christian influences on me at an important time in my life and I am thankful for their friendship and mentoring. I remember Thursday nights at Zink Hall for Crusade meetings, where we had a ton of fun (and where I began to hone my public speaking skills that eventually morphed into my current preaching ministry). I met my wife, Jennifer, on one of those Thursdays. While I had not ever planned to be a pastor (at the time I was intent on being a career Army officer), the influence of Bernie and others during that time echoed in my spirit as a call to ministry formed a few years later. I am eternally grateful for the many people who have poured their lives into mine, and especially thankful for Bernie and Linda and their ministry with students!

Dave & Kay Hyatt — IUP, now Ev. Free Church Pastor

Bernie’s IUP Action Group in 1986: Chris
Roth, Bob Kaylor, Dave Duquette & Steve
Eshbaugh, plus Josh (3) and Aaron (1)

Hi there Bernie! I learned a ton from your example of being able to make complex tasks simple and memorable (and therefore less intimidating). ‘When you approach someone, they want to know: who are you, what do you want and how long is this going to take…’ ‘Be audible, brief and Christ-centered.’ There is just such an ease and joy to ministry with you, Bernie, that it’s made me think of it’s not a burden to serve but a joy. Can’t remember how many times you said that ccc was just a vehicle to do what you loved to do and that you’d do it for free! Lots of great memories!! One time in particular you blessed me, I blew it with promo for some event (the gospel drama ‘Epic’ I think). You were super gracious and helped me to jump back in and get it done. Thanks!!

Love you both! ~ Dave (Outreach Pastor in Hershey, PA)

I have great fondness for you both & respect your love for the Lord, each other & your kids. But for the life of me, I can’t think of specifics! I’m just so glad to have your ongoing family model. Your love for one another goes so far beyond simple, stick-it-out commitment. You’ve genuinely pursued each other, your kids and many people along the way in real love. Now that’s Jesus-like! ~ Kay

Timothy A. Sprowls (PA State Trooper) — IUP

My IUP Days with Bernie and Linda . . .

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: I was introduced to Bernie and Linda in 1984 by college roommate Bob Kaylor. I was involved with Bob as we were both in the IUP Army ROTC program. I recall those first Campus Crusade meetings as refreshing due to having been around a college environment filled will partying and alcohol. I was, in 1984, looking for something bigger then myself and Campus Crusade started that process. The most memorable moment happened when Josh McDowell came to Campus and the students of Campus Crusade helped back stage with running the event. I was quite impressed with Josh’s ability to relate to college students but in a humorous moment he yelled at some of the team for not getting things moving on time, one of those high pressure moments that gives you a different perspective on big name people, but it was all good...just one of many good times that comes to mind with Bernie and Linda.

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE: I can tell you for fact that on July 26, 1997 I finally turned my life over to Christ at a Promise Keepers event in Pittsburgh. Having said that, it was with my involvement with Campus Crusade that got me involved in Bible study, being involved with other believers and just showing me a path that led to turning my life over to HIM. To Bernie and Linda, I may have only known you a short time but God placed you in my path at a time that simply changed my life. Thank you.

Keith Brednich — IUP

I remember a lot about my time at IUP. It was a life changing time for me. Reset my trajectory. A couple things I'll share:

Coming back from Daytona Beach I remember you explaining how to “lovingly demonstrate faithfulness” to others. Concise advice about how to speak of Christianity.

Every Prime Time before sharing time you explained the “ABC’s” of sharing. Be Audible, Be Brief, and Be Christ-centered. Again, great advice on the particulars of communication. I’ve tried to use this in my opportunities to speak to groups and have noticed when this hasn’t been applied.

Thanks too for all of your family updates throughout the years, from how you interact with parents and grandparents to how your children’s lives have flourished. You and Linda have demonstrated faithfulness. Thanks! ~ Keith

Lynne (Limbert) Bechtel — IUP

I can remember many wonderful times at IUP with Bernie and Linda. Bernie was always energetic and ready to take action, and Linda had a word of encouragement or a friendly smile. I can remember how they freely shared their life with the students at IUP, and how they lived out what they believed. I am thankful to have known them and to see how the Lord has led and directed them. Bernie and Linda, thank you for fleshing out the life of Christ, honoring one another in your relationships with each other, your family, and others. It has been a privilege to be a part of the journey to Christ-likeness with you.

Tim Graham — IUP

My first memories of Bernie are as a unsure newcomer to “Prime Time” – the weekly meeting of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in 1990. The Lord had just given me new life in Christ over the Christmas break largely in part to the persistent prayers and preaching of a friend, Rich Stevens, who had been involved with CCC at Penn State University. (I was one of the five that he prayed for during his freshman “Discovery Group” Bible study). Rich had given me a Bible for Christmas and invited me to his church’s young adults Bible study where I trusted Christ to pay the penalty for sins in my place (“For the wages of sin is death but, the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23) and encouraged me to seek out CCC at IUP.

Most might have been either cynical or intimidated by a fraternity brother walking into such an environment. However, Bernie and Dave Hyatt consistently kept me from slipping out after the meetings ended without talking to someone and also coming back. In addition, I remember meeting at Bernie & Linda’s house and was amazed to see godly examples of how to parent and discipline – something I definitely did not have modeled previously in my life. It was there that I also heard and learned of homeschooling for the first time.

The following Spring, Bernie invited a few of us guys on a weekend road trip to his parents farm in Maryland and I was amazed at his family’s heritage and story telling ability – everything seemed to have a story attached or reminded him of one. That was the Bealls’ last semester at IUP but the friendship and influence continued, not the least of which was renting the house they had lived in for my remaining two years at IUP!

Over the years we kept in touch either by letter, phone or occasional visits to sub-urban Washington, D.C. Their children bemused me by their ability to communicate, maturity for their age and what I would call the sweetness of the presence of Christ in their lives (not at all like those pop-culture stereotype home-school kids).

Lately, my family has come to know the Bealls through their Great Commission Families events and outreaches. We have had the occasion to join them on a evangelistic bike tour through the Gettysburg battlefield where Bernie’s knowledge of history, love of storytelling and the gospel come together to make for not only an educational and fun family time but one that is spiritually challenging and uplifting as well. My eldest son and I were fortunate to join Bernie for an outreach in D.C. on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic which afforded us our first opportunity to share God’s grace and the great news of Jesus Christ together.

Bernie and Linda’s children continue to show forth God’s abundant grace in their lives due largely to the influence and heritage of their parents. From Josh and Aaron starting a web development business at home during their teens, to Sarah on the piano, helping her mother, siblings and other children, Daniel memorizing and reciting large passages of scripture and now Josh and Aaron starting their own families. Their example of obedience to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart. Repeat them to your children. Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deut. 6:5-7 and God’s blessing as a result have encouraged us as parents considering homeschooling our boys beginning this coming fall.

In summary, the passage of scripture that comes to mind is “I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you, always praying with joy for all of you in my every prayer, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:3-6

Grace and Peace,
Tim, Debi, Ben and Aric Graham

Kirby Burns — Slippery Rock University

Two significant events/connections that I specifically associate with Bernie were: 1. My friend Marty called me out of the blue, after not seeing him for over two years, to announce to me that he became a Christian. I had witnessed to him as my friend when he was a student at the Rock. Excited to hear the news, I celebrated the news of his newfound faith and asked a few questions. Marty’s conversion was mingled with a works-oriented, legalistic cult which was confirmed to me when he came to visit me in Slippery Rock. Because Marty was working in the DC area, I connected him with Bernie, who met with him while being accompanied by a believing friend who had significant experience with the same organization. Their conversation with Marty was instrumental in enabling the truth of the grace-filled gospel message to be embraced by Marty! Bernie’s contacts and strategic intervention with Marty is something I will be able to celebrate for Eternity! I am grateful to the Lord for Bernie’s availability and skill in this spiritual rescue of Marty!

2. When Bernie first started coming to the Rock once a week in the early 80’s, I was busy in grad school and unable to attend weekly meetings. I do remember that the ministry was very small and my friend Brad Daubenspeck was a freshman at the time. Bernie would meet weekly for discipleship and meet with Brad and go witnessing on campus. Witnessing and discipleship were always intertwined with Bernie. Bernie’s comment to Brad at the time was that if Brad was the only student on campus open to discipleship, the method would be the same: “witnessing oriented disciple-making” (something Bernie and Brad remain committed to and active in to this day!)

When I landed a job at the Middle School and started volunteering with the campus group, Bernie and I got to work together with Brad to see the campus ministry grow in spiritual depth, strength of fellowship and a continued commitment to discipleship and witnessing. Brad, with his wife Kim, just celebrated 20 years of ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ. He is just one of many, many students from the old IUP/SRU who have gone on to a life of faithfulness and fruitfulness in part due to the ministry Bernie had with college students in his early years of campus ministry!

Thanks for this opportunity to reflect with you and Linda. Congratulations on your 30 years of Ministry!

Rev. Dave Thom (Chaplain, MIT) — CCC’s New Staff Training at CSU

I remember when Bernie carried my bags.

My wife and I were a bit overwhelmed and a bit discouraged and Bernie turned our night into day in an instant. Who is this guy and why is he so dog-gone friendly? We were carrying very heavy suitcases off the airport shuttle and the last thing we needed was to drag them up a long set of stairs and down a long dark hallway. Bernie must have seen us looking lost and lonely and he dove right in. Quite frankly, we had yet to be truly “served” in any way since applying to be staff with CCC, and it was the last thing we expected as we faced signing in at CSU for new staff training in 1984. Bernie grabbed two of our bags and ran. I was still on the ground floor figuring out what was next when he came back and grabbed our last two bags! That cheerful service of Bernie’s has vividly stayed with me almost 29 years later. I still ask myself, “How can I serve somebody like Bernie Beall?” And, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone would serve me like Bernie Beall?”

- Thanks a million, Bernie!

Our Japan Summer Project Campus Ministry Team - Cindy & Dawn in front

Cindy (Peasley) Kiser — Japan Summer Project 1986

As a young college student, one of the most memorable events from my summer in Japan was the time spent at the ELS school. I remember Bernie teaching the students from the Bible as we gathered in a large room and knew only God could have opened this door in a setting that was very secular and in a country where few were Christians. It was an amazing opportunity to have this kind of access to students.

I also remember the teaching times with Bernie as he led our team through the Word of God. The classroom instruction was very practical and as a new believer in Christ, I soaked it up.

There was a great deal spiritually that happened in my heart and mind over the summer in Japan but here are just a few....

Witnessing the united spiritual front of Bernie and Linda as they served together in ministry gave me a hunger to marry a man that would be united with me in Christ and ministry-minded. They served as great role models.

1986 - Friends and noodles at lunchtime in Japan

The opportunity as a new believer to share Christ with Japanese girls that had never heard the gospel was foundational in preparing me to be an effective and willing witness for Christ. Taking students back to the beginning, Genesis and creation, and through the New Testament, was an exciting opportunity and privilege. The summer in Japan was a life changer for me spiritually and I will always be thankful to the Lord that early in my faith to have had the opportunity to deepen my faith roots and become better equipped to serve Him. Thank you both for your faithfulness to the Lord and to the team that summer in Japan.

Dawn (Mayner) Barnard — Japan Summer Project 1986

Through the nearly three decades that I have known Bernie and Linda, I have been so encouraged in many areas by their ministry. When I met them in the summer of 1986, I was assigned to the team of college students they would be leading in Japan. I can remember Bernie being so excited to serve and see what God would do through our team, and yet, uninhibited by any obstacles that came our way. As I served that summer, I grew so much spiritually, in large part, due to their leadership. My eyes were opened to the need for ministry with International students.

In more recent years, I have watched as their children have grown into godly men and women and are honoring their parents with their lives and their own families. Bernie and Linda have provided a Legacy for their children and grandchildren, that comes from their own spiritual journeys and relationship with the Lord. I have observed their ministry develop as they have included their children in every part of it and modeled ministry to their own children as well as to others.

I love Bernie’s passion for teaching others about how our nation was founded on spiritual principles and encouraging others to follow the same. I have learned from Linda’s gentle spirit as she has written about the unique talents of each of her children and how she has encouraged them to use them for Kingdom’s sake. What I have gleaned from their ministry to the family, has become valuable to me as I strive to provide the same for my own children.

I am grateful for Bernie & Linda and know that the many lives they have touched through the years will be the many jewels in their crowns of Glory someday!

We often had int’l students in our home like these friends from Japan & Indonesia

Ebere Ejimofor — IUP via Nigeria

I remember like it was yesterday at IUP, frightened, as I tried to settle as a foreign student in a far country, 7000 miles away from home, and how nice and friendly you were. I remember that Josh and Aaron were very little. I also remember being invited for dinner at your house. All these kind gestures helped me a lot to adjust to an unkind cold winter in January 1989. I will never forget this act of Kindness. Prior to this, you were friends with my brother Obi who was in the States longer before me, and I remember Obi saying that you came into his dorm room at Elkin Hall and witnessed to him about Jesus Christ. Did you know that Obi is an ordained minister now? - Glory be to God in the highest.

Bernie, you are one of a “kind” servant of the most high God. You are patient, resilient and serious about God’s work. I had the opportunity of visiting your website and noticed the things you do. Your newsletters, whether it be the announcement of your family strides or international students visiting the nation’s capital continues to show how unwavering you have been with reaching the world with the gospel of Christ. I am very proud of you and your beloved wife, Linda. I still see the supportive smiles of Linda now. Your family is a good example to us all to emulate as you and your wife have successfully raised great kids in the house of God.

Russ Lucas — IUP

I was walking down the sidewalk last week and spotted an ant intersecting with my path. I changed my gait just enough to miss it and said to myself, somewhat reflexively, “Bugs outside live, bugs inside die.” Bernie told me that more than twenty years ago. It was something he told his kids. I’ve been telling my own kids that for many years, and I hope they’ll tell their kids the same thing someday.

It’s a deceptively simple statement, but wrapped up in it is the sort of guiding truth that we latch on to as parents and Christians. This world and everything in it is God’s, and everything has a place and a reason to be inside the divine order.

One of the true blessings I’ve received from Bernie is that he’s an example of how God can use us when we give our gifts to Him. Everyone who has known Bernie--and there are many of us--would say that he is personable and charismatic, with a true heart for knowing people and impressing on them that he is interested in who they are. These are great qualities to have in any walk of life, but by giving his gifts to God, Bernie has seen them multiplied to the good of the Kingdom. I knew Bernie at IUP, and at one point we were talking and I brought up that my step-brother had gone through IUP five years before me. He hadn’t been involved in the Crusade chapter, but when I mentioned his name--a fairly common name, at that--Bernie recalled not only that he’d met him, but also remembered where he’d lived on campus and the result of their conversation. I’m sure Bernie met a thousand students a year in those days. God had given him an amazing memory, and he’d given that gift back to God and could remember his interactions with clarity.

Dave Snyder — IUP

The first memory comes to mind is how Bernie took a step of faith in asking me to be the emcee at CCC meetings. I was studying to be a school teacher and wasn’t the most confident in speaking in front of groups of people (still working on that). But Bernie knew this was going to be critical if I was going to be an effective teacher. He was must have been prompted by God to suggest such a thing! It really helped my confidence level and it gave me the feeling that Bernie and God must believe in me. Thanks God and Bernie!
Sincerely, Dave

Rev. Howard “Howie” Sloan — SRU & IUP

What is so significant about Bernie and the whole Beall family is their impact on my life over multiple decades. Bernie was the first staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ that I met after coming to Christ. He was very instrumental in my early Christian growth at both Slippery Rock University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

One of my fondest memories from that time period was when another student and myself did a parody of Wayne’s World at a “Prime Time” meeting. The special guest was none other that Bernie Barry Beall (“if that is your real name” :-). Bernie shared the Four Spiritual Laws with a lost Wayne and Garth in the skit. It was hysterical, and Bernie played up the part. Sometime after college, a friend of mine invited me to go with him to D.C. and distribute tracts with the Beall family. Again, Bernie and family demonstrating their love for Christ by making the gospel known to a lost and dying world.

Twenty plus years after our first meeting, I am pastor of a small church in Bedford, PA. Once again, Bernie and I are in contact, but now with Great Commission Families. We have had the Bealls come to our church and speak on evangelism and family ministry on a couple of occasions, and plan to do it again in the near future. It was good to see them again, but even greater to have some of his zeal for evangelism shine through to our congregation. To see a whole family sharing Christ together is an amazing and powerful testimony to Christ. I am grateful for their continued presence in my life and impact upon my faith and ministry. God bless you on 30 years of ministry, and thank you!

John A. Godissart — IUP

Bernie Beall was the first small group leader I ever had. In the past, I had been in numerous Sunday School classes, but they were mainly transfer of information with little transformation. Through Bernie’s leadership in a small group at IUP, I was able to experience support, encouragement, accountability, growth and a deep appreciation for the power of small groups. Bernie modeled what it meant to care for one another, pray for one another, and to be devoted to one another as Christian brothers. He opened up his home and his heart to us. It was evident to see the deep love he had for Linda and his family. I have always appreciated Bernie’s sensitivity, keen insights, sense of humor, wisdom, and willingness to hold me accountable.

Now as I am serving in pastoral ministry, I see the value of small groups and the role they play in shaping lives and helping persons grow in their love for Christ and the church. Small groups are a necessity for Christian growth and development. So Bernie and Linda....thank you so much for your willingness to serve Christ and to build up the church. God has used you mightily in many lives and in many different contexts. You have been blessed to be a blessing.

In Jesus’ name. Pastor John A. Godissart, McConnellsburg, PA

Sam & Carol Thomsen — IUP Staff

I remember how warmly Bernie and Linda accepted us onto the team. We had only been married a year and Carol was pregnant with our first – lots of uncharted territory. Living just a few doors down, you and your family made us feel welcome and at home. We left Indiana having learned a lot about life and ministry. Much of that we learned from you!

IUP Campus Crusade for Christ — Operation Sonshine
Daytona Beach, Florida — Spring Break 1989

Pastor Bill & Doris Murphy — Indiana Alliance Church

I remember those years when Bernie and Linda were ministering at IUP and in our church. Doris and I came in 1984, so we were together for about 7 of the 8 years of their ministry with Campus Crusade at IUP. Some of the memories that stand out in my mind include Bernie’s and Linda’s commitment to the local church – not just for students but for themselves as a couple and a family. They shared with me many insights about students and about ministry to students. This helped me to better understand how to reach out to students and attempt to instill in them the same commitment to the local church that I saw in Bernie and Linda.

This paid off, over time, as more students began to come to the church, including some international students. Within the first 8 years of our ministry we baptized 8 American students who came to our church through Campus Crusade and in large part through Bernie and Linda. As time went on, more international students came and over the course of our years at the Indiana Alliance Church we baptized 35 internationals, 31 of whom came to Christ while at IUP. Bernie and Linda laid the foundation for much of the ministry to students and even international students that continues to this day. Doris and I will always be grateful for their impact on the students at IUP, our church and our lives, personally.

Equally significant was their example as parents and in particular their example with Daniel. They were a role model to all of us at the church of not only accepting God’s plan for Daniel, but of seeing him as a great blessing. While Doris and I understood such a perspective theologically, here was a couple who lived it. Bernie and Linda continue to evidence God’s magnificent grace in their lives, both in their family and in their ministry. Doris and I are blessed to have observed that over the years.

Ed Allender — Indiana Alliance Church

I like the way Bernie & Linda always included their children in everything they did, especially ministry.

Scott DeBruyne — Wildwood, NJ Summer Project 1989

What a blessing to remember God’s Wonders. As I remember my time with Bernie, I was led so well, as you encouraged me to grow as a man of God’s Word and hide it in my heart. I remember following you and going with you to the boardwalk to share our faith. You encouraged me so much with a heart for the lost. We would find a busy spot on the boardwalk next to the beach, and Bernie, you said we will just wait for people to come to us. So we looked in one direction and in a matter of seconds you started a conversation that led to telling them about the Gospel. Then as that conversation ended, we simply turned to face the other direction on the boardwalk and again in a matter of seconds another conversation was started. We never walked far, people were always moving past us and soon I was the one sharing with someone coming from one direction and then turning and soon meeting someone else God had directed past the spot we had chosen. God used that summer to help me grow in sharing my faith!

David & Kelly Wynn — IUP, GMU & DCIP (Triple Play Ministry Friends!)

David: I will never forget the time the Chinese Christians were moving into the area and you were asking for help to move them. I hesitated thinking I might have something else to do, but you told me I needed to, “If I didn’t help, who else was there to help” or words to that effect. The way you said it, made me just want to salute and get with it! I’m glad I did because I made some wonderful friends. Later, a Chinese family moved in with me and another fellow, too. Thank you, Bernie, for being a true servant and demanding in me what is right, too!

I also greatly appreciate you being the Best Man at Kelly and my wedding, and mentioning that you are right between our ages. I also enjoyed all those times helping in D.C. with the summer internship project, our trip to Lake Lunga with the interns, and those wonderful church times at Walkersville, too. Really good memories.

Kelly: The first thing that comes to mind are two memories from long, long ago when I first met Bernie and Linda in the winter of 1989. Both of these are more parenting stories than they are ministry but God has brought them back to my mind many times now that I’m a parent, and has used them to encourage and spur me on.

I remember being over at the Bealls’ house and watching Bernie interact with five year old Josh. He was explaining something to Josh and instead of giving a cursory answer, he got right down at Josh’s level, explained in detail, shared Josh’s excitement and was totally engaged. It was a great lesson for parenting and for a lifetime of loving to learn - as Bernie does.

David & Kelly Wynn - 2001

Around the same time we were at a Campus Crusade for Christ staff meeting evaluating the year. It’s easy during evaluations like that to focus more on where I feel I fell short rather than on what went well. I remember Linda sharing tearfully her frustrations of being a mom with three small children (and expecting her fourth) and finding it difficult to find time to spend in the Word. I think maybe she was comparing herself with the other members of the team. I was single at the time and had no concept of what that stage of life would be like. But for some reason it made a big impact on me. I saw, for maybe the first time, that there are different seasons of life. Our devotional life, our ministry, our prayer life.... can be very different depending on our stage of life. (And that’s OK!) That memory has come back to me many times as I’ve become a mother and had similar struggles. God has used it to help me give myself grace.

Those are probably things you don’t even remember, but God has used in my life! We appreciate you and your family and are happy to celebrate 30 years of ministry with you!


DC Metro — 1991-2003 (12 years)

1994 - Children’s ages are 11, 9, 7 & 5

1996 - Josh is now taller than Linda!

1998 - After an orienteering outing as a family

2002 - A special Easter with Jim & May

Introduction - Over half of our twenty-three years on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ were in the Washington, D.C. area. The first four years, we led the campus ministry at George Mason University under the capable leadership of the first D.C. Metro Director, Randy Newman. Interesting leadership opportunities kept coming our way as well. In 1994 & 95 Bernie created and led a summer outreach project to int’l students at the University of Maryland. Then from 1997-2002 we created and led the D.C. Internship Project to reach out to interns in D.C. During this season of our life we put into practice the idea of taking each of our children on a missions trip. Meanwhile, our campus ministry leadership role expanded to include the D.C. Metro area and the surrounding Potomac region.

Randy Newman — Founding D.C. Metro Director

I have a vivid memory of answering my phone one day during my first year as director of the Campus Crusade ministry at George Mason University. I believe this would have been in the early months of 1991. Bernie Beall called me from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and told me, “We’re coming to Washington.” I honestly thought he meant that he was coming for a visit. After all, Washington is our nation’s capital and Bernie has always loved history. Perhaps he needed a place to stay or some directions about where to park in Washington.

As our conversation went on, I realized that Bernie meant more by “We’re coming to Washington,” than I originally understood. He and his family were going to move to Washington to join us in ministry!

At first, I was overwhelmed by the thought of leading anyone on our “team” other than Pam, my wife, and me. Actually, Pam didn’t go on campus much as our three sons were rather young and in school.
But, after a bit more reflection, I delighted to have Bernie and Linda join us. And what a valuable addition they were. Bernie was good in all the ministry skills in which I was bad - and that’s a rather extensive list! Those next few years brought a dramatic expansion to our ministry, mostly due to the gifts our great God has given Bernie. How I rejoice at the memory of how God blessed those efforts and used those gifts.

I look forward to seeing how God uses Bernie and Linda in the years ahead. May He bless their work and dreams far more than they can ever ask or imagine.

With gratitude,
Randy Newman

Randy has written three books on evangelism: Questioning Evangelism: Engaging Hearts the Way Jesus Did; Corner Conversations & Bringing the Gospel Home (to family)

Kevin Frank — George Mason University ‘94

Simple Significant Memories:

1. It is the Bealls’ commitment to spread the gospel to all nations, they have
devoted their lives to it. Jesus said to, and they are.

2. Bernie’s passion for teaching. Awesome Alliterations, At All times... Always,
even if it’s Awkward.

Thanks for doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration to my walk!
~ Kevin Frank | President | Alliant Studios | Fairfax, VA

Leslie Bridge — D.C. Metro Co-leader

I first met Bernie and Linda at a staff conference when they were new staff at IUP and Josh was six months old. As Bernie said, “We have a boatload of ministry memories together.” We have been in the same region together, summer project in Wildwood, NJ, leading the DC Internship Project and leading staff teams together. When I think of each of you, Bernie and Linda, a big smile comes across my face, because of the years working with you. They were challenging, yet joyful; pioneering, yet exciting; growing and deepening for me personally.

Each of you from the beginning brought gifts and abilities that have been honed over the years and been used by the Lord to influence the multitudes: students, families and visitors from other countries. Bernie, when I think of the gifts you shared with me in ministry several things come to mind. First, you are the master of teachable moments. You looked for them and took advantage of those moments to teach. It was an amazing thing to watch and you had such good command of those teaching moments. Secondly, you are the master of creating ways to help remember truths about the Word, about the Lord, about life. Sometimes, I find myself using the “Bernie-isms” I have learned from you. Lastly, you are a man of integrity. As long as I have known you, you have been consistent and constant in the way you interact with people and the way you serve others. You never seemed as if you were ever interrupted, you were always available. All this indicates you have a deep walk with the Lord and it is truly evident in your life.

Linda, when I think of the gifts you shared with me in ministry, wisdom and discernment immediately come to mind. Whenever I wasn’t sure about something or was wondering about how to handle a situation or someone on our team, you always shared such rich truths and insights with me. I sometime wish I still had your ear. Your commitment to Bernie and to your children and how you served them still impresses me. I know you could not do this unless you had a deep walk with the Lord, which is very evident in your life. The way you cared about and for the women on our staff team mattered so much and I was so grateful for that. Mostly, I know you are a praying woman and I know you have seen God answer so many prayers over the years and no doubt you have passed this on to many wives and children that you have interacted with over the years.

You guys have been a big part of shaping who I am in ministry today, because of all the years of ministry we shared. I am grateful for you and for your investment in my life. May God continue to give you many more years of ministry!

Cindy Beckstein — D.C. Metro Team

Bernie and Linda, I remember your passion for the Lord and your desire to just serve Him and be at His feet doing His will. I remember you graciously opening your home and hosting us for staff meetings. It was always warm and comfortable to come into your home and you always made me feel at home. Linda, you made your home a haven not only for your family, but for us as a staff team. I remember listening to and absorbing nuggets of motherly wisdom from Linda as she would just share where she was with her children; her willingness to be vulnerable and real. It seems insignificant, but as a young wife I was taking in every word. What stands out most to me is the deep, abiding joy that both of you have.

I also remember being in the Old Post Office building downtown after leaving staff and hearing Bernie’s voice as he was giving a historical tour to a group of Chinese students. What a treat to have a history lesson from Bernie! But more importantly, what a gift to hear how he can weave spiritual significance into any conversation; always glorifying our Lord.

It has been a privilege to have known both of you. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry! Love, Cindy

1997 D.C. Metro Campus Ministry Staff Team

Mark & Michelle Oh — D.C. Metro Team (missionaries in Singapore)

What I remember when I visited your home for the first time is that Linda was home schooling all four children. It was the first time I had met someone who does home schooling and not just one, but all four children! After we came home Michelle kept saying how impressed she was and how mature your children were. Since that visit we were challenged and encouraged with how you two raised your children, both in knowing Christ and also maturing their character. As our children were little back then, you were good role models for us to help us raise our children. Now that my children are all teenagers (Justin is going into 12th grade), I remember how seeing a godly family in action helped us to prepare our children for adulthood. Although we moved to Japan then to Singapore, we kept up with you and heard how your grown children have thrived and flourished -- and gotten married and produced grandchildren. All this has been a great encouragement for my wife and me to keep making efforts to raise our children with all the Love and Care we can muster. Thank you so much for being a great role model as parents!

Eileen Hubler — D.C. Metro Team

Starting with a brief introduction at IUP then ending up on the DC Metro team together years later, my relationship with the Bealls has been a blessing. They truly minister from a love for Christ. Bernie has a special gift of taking the meat of the Word and serving it by applicable bite sized portions. Linda’s loving heart always made me feel welcome in their home. Watching their family grow and begin new families of their own is evidence of God’s grace in their lives. May the Beall family continue to bless and be blessed! Love, Eileen

Diane (Drude) Neubauer — UMD Int'l Student Resource Project 1994

Congratulations, Bernie and Linda, on your 30 years! I know that the int’l student project in Maryland was a major factor in my future decisions about ministry and Chinese as my area of emphasis. I do remember having a phone conversation with Bernie in which I had to ask to be allowed to arrive about 10 days late for the project because of my school schedule. I was very nervous about that, because I wanted to work with Chinese students, and that was, at the time, the only opportunity with CCC to do so. I was told by CCC staff that it was very unlikely I would be allowed to join the project late. It was not at all typical. I expected Bernie to say no and then I would be back to square one, figuring out what God would have me do. To my surprise and delight, he said yes (and without any kind of protest or legalism about the start date of the project!). The project confirmed my direction in Chinese ministry and led me to join CCC after college.

I also remember Bernie didn’t allow us to watch TV during the project, which I thought was wonderful!

For my update: my husband and I had our 9th anniversary last month. Time flies! We are seeking the Lord together, enjoy being married, and feel blessed. Over the years we’ve moved from urban to almost rural living, and have a big garden and several laying hens. We are rather unconventional in our approach to life. I’ve been teaching Mandarin for six years now, all at the same private school. I’m currently working on a certification program to teach in Wisconsin. We don’t have plans to move there (we’re 15 miles from Wisconsin, north of Chicago, now) but it’s a way to make sure I am not trapped only working at private schools. Today I’ve been on summer break for a week. I would love to get a number of teaching related projects done over this summer but also rest really well. Balancing and using my time well is a request, but also for abundant wisdom and favor from God so my work is light and easy. Thank you!

Grace (Lee) Birgbauer — UMD Int’l Student Resource Project 1995

As a college student, I participated in the International Student Resource project at the University of Maryland, summer 1995. I am forever thankful for the experience over this summer and for Bernie’s leadership. Bernie led us well, and provided a good structure, where we were able to work hard, serve well, and have lots of fun as a team. As the result of this summer, God deeply ingrained in me a heart for missions and for international students. This summer project also provided a model for me that meaningful ministry can happen even outside of a 40-hour week job. Now more than 15 years later, my husband and I are very involved in the lives of international students, and I always accredit this to the summer of 1995 at the University of Maryland, and very thankful for Bernie’s role model of godly leadership at home and in ministry.

1995 University of Maryland Int’l Student Resource Project (Grace lower left)
and D.C. Internship Project pioneering students (Clayton upper right)

Clayton Ricker — Inaugural Washington, D.C. Internship Project 1995

My first experience with Bernie was the summer of 1995—nearly 20 years ago now. The previous year while sitting on a beach in Ocean City, NJ, the Lord downloaded a plan into my heart to reach out to the estimated 25,000 college-age interns that descend upon Washington, D.C. each summer. Ten months later, the first Washington, D.C. Internship Project started. Me and my merry band of three students arrived on the University of Maryland campus to live while we worked on Capitol Hill. We shared housing with the international student outreach led by Bernie. Even though we were not part of his actual project, Bernie made sure to include us in everything as we tried to launch this new intern project. Then, in the months after the project ended, it became clear that my role was simply to help start the project. Bernie graciously and enthusiastically took the lead on the project for the next several years, and the project thrived under his leadership.

Bernie is one of the few people I know who is equally at ease with a school janitor as he is with a CEO. He makes everyone feel like they are a great friend of his. This is one of his great giftings that I believe is too often overlooked by others. Indeed, it was just a few years ago that I saw Bernie for the first time since that summer of 1995. Despite a 16-17 year absence, as soon as I arrived at his house, it was as if no time had passed—I was still that young college student and he was a younger man in ministry with a wonderful wife who was busy raising their children. In reality, now I was the one with young children being shepherded by my wonderful wife and Bernie and Linda had matured into their godly grandparent roles. Bernie and Linda, you are such a tremendous testament to the Lord and His faithfulness, and your lives are such an encouragement and example for the rest of us to follow. Thank you so much for your service to the Lord.

Brent & Hope Maravilla — University of Maryland

We so appreciate your ministry to us at MD. As for memories: You had us into your home for dinner! As simple as that. And yet so meaningful for a student to smell the aroma of Christ therein. Thanks for inviting us into your family. Another simple thing: Thank you for leading Bible studies on campus. Those are not only good memories but were practically helpful to our hearts!

Erich Schlieper — D.C. Internship Project 1997 & 98

One thing that I remember as a student at North Dakota State University and being involved with Campus Crusade there was that when it got to summer and the big summer project push it always seemed like it was going to be difficult for me to do one. I say that because as an engineering student there was a real desire to get some real world engineering experience. To make a fairly long and involved story short, I had already started working one semester in Washington, D.C. as an engineering student and that spring as I was getting ready to go back to D.C. for the summer. As I was surveying the booklet of Summer Project opportunities I saw the Washington, D.C. Internship project. I immediately applied and was able to be a part of the project for two summers. I’m so thankful to Bernie and the Bealls for their willingness to start a non-traditional project like this. For those of us that don’t get that call to “full-time” ministry it’s just as important to get that training on how to be an influence to our co-workers and those around us where we live. My time working with Bealls and the team on the summer project really helped to even make it OK for me when I realized I wasn’t called to be in vocational service, but that I could still do service in my vocation. Living just blocks from the National Mall in the summer was pretty cool, too. Thanks, Bernie and Linda, for helping to train some of us that didn’t get your call but got a slightly different call. I hope you are doing well and I enjoy hearing all about what is going on in your lives and ministry lately.

Dottie (Worthington) Bailey — D.C. Internship Project 1997 & 1998

The Lord used the D.C. Internship Project greatly in my life as an impetus for restoration the first summer when I was just hanging around and as a jumping board for growth and future ministries the second summer when I was on project. While they were short (but very full) months, it is amazing to see all that the Lord accomplished in that time. These are very self-centered observations because across the years I cannot see what impact our various ministry outreaches had or what has happened to the many seeds that were planted but I can trace some roots back to a very fruitful time in my own life. It is through the time I spent on project that the Lord brought me to the point where I ventured to serve Him for two years on the mission field. It is through the various ministries that I was introduced to through those summers that I have had a basis of knowledge on which to build these many years. While we cannot fathom His ways, I cannot see how he would have accomplished all He has done toward shaping me into a useful vessel if I had not been involved in the D.C. Internship Project.

As for the influence of the Bealls themselves, that also cannot be measured. It is in my role as mother and wife that I feel that influence the greatest. They shared their family without pretense. They shared their love of the Lord completely. Coming from a family of nonbelievers, those two things were very striking and influential. As I strive to be a godly wife and mother, I find myself thinking back to things that were said in passing and just the manner in which life was accomplished. It would be a great thing to be able to look back on a life invested in His service and see not only the fruit of the labor across the years in the lives of countless youth and young adults but also to be able to see a family that is also serving the Lord in such unique and wonderful ways. May we all be so blessed!

Please know that time “back in the day” was very well spent. I congratulate you on your many years of faithful service and I look forward to updates on many more years of service! I often speak with my husband Josh about you all and am very grateful for the updates you send. The concept and work you are doing in Great Commission Families is a wonderful encouragement to us!

Al (hidden) — Penn State, missionary to ‘creative access’ locations

Back in …must have been Spring of 1977…I had to go to a branch campus because I was transferring to Penn State from another school. I ended up in Altoona so I could be involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. My hopes was that this would prepare for a life ahead serving the Lord by reaching out to the people of North Africa and the Middle East. Rusty Carraway was the staff in charge of Altoona. He was also responsible for North Halls where Bernie lived at the main campus. This gave us contact together. I look back at a retreat for Rusty and Kris’s “chains” and I remember Bernie. I remember others, but Bernie stands out in my mind as making an impression with his natural friendliness wrapped in confidence. It made me feel a part of the group though being from another campus I was an outsider. Relationships seem to go a long way in our walks with the Lord and God used Bernie in my life to make me feel a part of the “body.”

Twenty years later lots had changed. Bernie was married. I was married. We both had families. We had gone different paths, but both had kept walking with the Lord. Unlike the people of the prophet Samuel’s day, we did not ask for another king, but Jesus was our King because He enabled us to keep with Him. Bernie was in DC. I was in Spain. Bernie took Joshua to Algeciras, Spain in 1998 to be a part of the Operation Transit port distribution project, giving out New Testaments, JESUS videos and audios in those days, books for the children and Josh McDowell’s materials. Lynne and I have been involved in this particular work since 1996. 1998 was our third summer. For various reasons God knew we needed the encouragement of old friends. I remember with fondness talking with Bernie. God worked through Bernie and Joshua in the lives of North Africans to be sure, but what I remember again is the relationship and encouragement. It was an incredible joy to hear what God was doing in DC, but then to have Bernie encourage me along in the work was more than special, it was memorable. Proverbs 12:27 says that diligence is the precious possession of a man. Bernie was used by God to help give me that precious possession with this work that Lynne and I have been doing for 18 years. It is that friendliness wrapped in confidence…the faithfulness in relationships…his being an encourager. I think it is these things about Bernie that make me look forward to his now regular emails and the encouragement they provide, knowing the person behind the email and knowing the One who is within him.

1998 Operation Transit Team from Immanuel Bible Church (Dick far right)

Dick Tredinnick –– Operation Transit, Algeciras, Spain (July 1998)

In early spring 1998, Bernie suggested that I join him and Josh at an informational meeting at church, to discuss a mission trip to southern Spain, sponsored by CCC and aimed at distributing Christian literature to those traversing the Mediterranean ports to and from North Africa.

One meeting with Bernie’s enthusiasm was all it took to get excited about the ministry possibilities among the North African people. Preparations including fund (friend) raising and Campus Crusade training, took us into early summer, and then Carole and I flew off to Spain one week ahead of the group. I think we had about 25-30 on the team and soon were working shifts to cover the port at Algeciras twenty-four hours a day.

Devotions led by Bernie or another staff member started the shift and then we had half the team preparing the materials. The Jesus Film and New Testaments and CEF children’s books in Arabic and French as well as some Berber dialects made a pretty hefty package. The rest of the team worked the automobile lines, or inside the terminal, or in the parking lots offering the free gifts and also the free gift of eternal life in Jesus.

Lots of conversations ensued and lots of opportunities to speak a word of encouragement or even sometimes helping with baggage, all leading up to the chance to offer the truth of God’s Word. I don’t remember a lot of specifics, but many thousands took the literature and there were dozens, maybe hundreds who came to faith in the Savior.

After Bernie and the team flew back home, Carole and I stayed another week to help out and be blessed as well. In 2001 we went back for three weeks for a second round, and then in 2002-2003 we had the privilege to spend an additional seventeen months in Algeciras with Wycliffe.

God has been so very good to us to allow us to be involved in ministry, and just think – Bernie started it all when I reluctantly went along to an informational meeting at Bernie’s challenge, “Just come and see.”

2000 D.C. Internship Project Students (Brandon, guy back left)

Brandon Rosner — D.C. Internship Project 2000 & 2001

The summer of 2000 & 2001 were significant spiritual growth markers in my life. The two summers I served under the leadership of Bernie Beall in Washington, D.C. during the D.C. Internship Project (DCIP) are filled with countless memories that also impacted hundreds of others for the sake of the Gospel. Under Bernie’s direction, our team of a dozen eager college-aged young adults were encouraged to establish daily vocational roles (a.k.a. ‘internships’) in and around Capitol Hill, The White House, federal agencies, lobbying firms, and other non-governmental agencies. Each week, Bernie laid out a patterned approach as to how we would leverage our roles to be salt and light in and among our nation’s decision makers. In addition to conducting ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel in our day jobs, we strategically reached out to our peers as we lived among thousands of other interns on the campus of George Washington University. During the summer months each year, we held Bible studies, prayer meetings, times of fasting, and just as importantly attended social functions around the D.C. area building relationships with those living next to us. To this day, some of my closest friends (outside of my home state of Wisconsin) were those I established in D.C.

Politics had its place, for one need only be in the city for a short time to catch the Potomac Fever. Bernie secured a variety of weekly guest speakers to aid in the approach of building credibility and relationships with our intern colleagues. Current and former U.S. Congressional House and Senate members, Presidential candidates, and various Christian thought leaders accepted the invite to participate in conversations about gospel-related issues in politics. Along the process of coordinating and organizing these events, I learned the (odd) power of acronyms from Bernie, of which I still apply in my day job in organizational leadership. For DCIP, his main acronym was C.I.T.Y. -- Cultural Influence Teams for Yahweh. Weekly training and mentoring by Bernie allowed me (and other young men involved with DCIP) to learn better techniques to building relationships, deepen one’s spiritual life, and be challenged to seek out and more thoroughly understand deeper theological issues.

Elections are about change, and D.C. changes every two years. But some things are constant: the Gospel, death, taxes...and the fact that Bernie Beall will be discipling someone with his unique methods, stories and acronyms so they can pass on the baton and make disciples for God’s kingdom.

DCIP Students and “Project Friends” on an outing to the Baltimore Inner Harbor

Kelly (Greenwood) Carlson — D.C. Internship Project 2001

I was a fairly new believer when I joined the Campus Crusade for Christ D.C. Internship Project in 2001. The Lord had gripped my heart to share about Jesus to others. However, I still was learning what a Christian really looked like and how my life was to model Jesus. I struggled with what the world told me to do and what I was learning was true in the Bible. Summer Project in D.C. was a huge growth time for me! I saw the Beall family, how they loved and respected one another and had a family focus to spread the Gospel. They were one of the first homeschooling families that I met and I was impressed with their kids! I thought, “If I ever have kids someday, I want to have my relationship with them be like the Bealls’!” I was amazed at Linda and Bernie’s generosity in opening their home to us. Linda did a scrapbook night for us ladies, and that propelled me into a hobby of scrapbooking even today! Bernie’s creativity in presenting Bible truths in an understandable way was very helpful for me. I learned how to pray, how to have a quiet time, and how to love others with truth AND grace when evangelizing.

2001 - DCIP friends in our home (Kelly, top center)

My husband, Tyler, and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this summer and have four children whom we homeschool. When we made our decision and commitment to homeschool, the Bealls’ influence definitely impacted that decision. The Lord continued using the Bealls at a recent homeschool conference when they spoke about Family Evangelism. Both Tyler and I have a passion for the Lord and His church and we recently helped to start a new church in the Northshore of Chicago. We are now gearing up to move to another area of Chicago so that we can be closer to his unbelieving family and witness to them.

We talk to our children about lost people all the time and are cultivating a heart for missions in them. We chose our homeschool curriculum with missions in mind! As I look back during those two short periods of time that the Bealls taught and cared for me---the 2-month D.C. Internship Project and the 2-day homeschool convention---I can easily say that they played significant roles in forming my biblical worldview and passion to pass that on to my children!

Katrina Skayne — D.C. Internship Project 2002

Many Blessings to you and Linda as you celebrate 30 years of ministry! I can’t believe I was just two years old when you guys began serving Christ full-time! I’ve enjoyed all your update letters over the years and I hope to continually update you all now about things going on with me.

In 2002, I spent one of the most exciting summers of my life in Washington, D.C. serving the Lord as a member of Campus Crusade for Christ’s D.C. Internship Project team. I really can’t believe it’s been over 11 years! I would re-live this summer again and again if possible! Bernie, Linda and their family helped make this time truly memorable for me!

During that summer, Bernie and Linda became not just project leaders, but real mentors to me in the faith. They joined with us in our Bible Studies, small prayer gatherings and larger worship times that our co-workers and friends attended as well. Their children came with us on our field-trips and to many of our faith-based gatherings. This made our time as a team more enriched and fruit-filled as we learned how much Bernie and Linda cherished their family life and shared their faith beliefs and values with their children.

I warmly remember when Linda and Bernie graciously invited us into their home for family dinner. We shared many laughs and heard great stories from Linda about Bernie and Linda’s early life together as a couple. This meal and the others our group shared together during the project always made me think of Jesus sharing meals with his disciples and other followers. As we gathered together to meet and eat, Jesus was always present with us.

I fondly remember Bernie’s zeal for sharing obscure facts about United States history, particularly of the military variety, with as many people as possible. This was apparent from our very first day together where we visited a military museum and walked alongside the Washington monument to when we biked to Mount Vernon and visited and took photos alongside various Civil War battlefields. However, interesting facts about United States history were not the most important things Bernie eagerly shared with others. Bernie shared with anyone he met his sincere love for the Lord and how he was living his life in service to God’s plan and will. The various field trips and other events in the heart of our nation’s capital that the Bealls organized for us drew others to our group. This opened up many faith-building and faith-sharing opportunities for all of us. One young man, an un-believer, who joined us for many project activities and events thanked us during his last time with us for being the “most loving and sincere group of Christians” he had ever known.

One of the most “memorable moments” for me of the summer is when our team went to the National Mall on the Fourth of July that year not just to enjoy the day-time festivities and nighttime fireworks, but to pray for and share our faith with random people. We did this through handing out specially designed Remember September 11, 2001 booklets that said “Fallen, but Not Forgotten” on the front.

I can even remember that a random news reporter stopped to ask a small group of us questions about what we were doing and snapped my picture holding a booklet. I told that reporter how God’s light and love shines brightly even in the face of great darkness. I never actually saw the quote or the picture in the paper, but I hope God allowed that moment to impact many more lives than I can ever know. I’m very thankful that Bernie and Linda provided me with the opportunity to be there that day. They encouraged me to boldly share my faith with others through their own faith witness throughout the project.

Peace in Christ, Katrina

2002 D.C. Internship Project Students, including Katrina, Brett & Brianna

Brent & Brianna (Taylor) Legg — DCIP 2002

Congratulations on 30 years in ministry! That is so exciting! Praying that you have another 30 years of fruitful ministry and that you will be able to look back and say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” II Timothy 4:7

We are so thankful that Bernie and Linda were willing to lead DCIP. Brent and I both took away so much from that summer--most notably a new found friendship with each other that led to our marriage almost six years ago and the birth of our daughter two years ago! I was very impressed in the way that the Bealls equipped us and then gave us the freedom to put what we were taught into action. We learned a lot about servant leadership, teamwork, and how to be a better witness for Christ. We also appreciated Bernie’s zeal for our country’s history and all the fascinating places he introduced us to!

Tim Echols — TeenPact Founder, Atlanta, GA

Bernie & Josh (left side), and eventually all our children,
participated in TeenPact at several state capitals, including
Rhode Island (this 2002 photo), Virginia and Maryland.

I remember when our family and the Bealls worked together in the early days of TeenPact, the ministry I started in 1994. I could only be one place at a time so I needed other like-minded dads who could “direct” our program as it grew into more states. Bernie was available and did a great job of building leadership in our young people and helping them process what God was doing in and through them. Now the program is in 40 states and has trained over 35,000 students.

Pastor Gary L. Cox — Our long-term pastor (2002-2013)

Pastor Gary & Sally Cox, church planters & pioneers
of the homeschooling movement in MD & beyond!

On my first visit in your Fairfax home I remember the memorial plaque to God’s provision for your home, and the memorable course you were setting in your family: less cultural intake and more deliberate family relationships.

My favorite memories have been the joint ministry to our Asian friends, from Korean homeschooling contacts to your Chinese businessmen who have a personal interest in home schooling for China someday.

Positive, enthusiastic and always available. That’s how I see your ministry at all times. Whether one of your own outings or the generous sharing of your gifts to another ministry like ours. The message, motive and manner of presence are effervescently the same.

Roger & Sue Menzel — Friends from Immanuel Bible Church

We remember the first Sunday that you came to IBC and dropped off Joshua at our Sunday School class for 2nd graders. You decided to make IBC your home church at the time and we had the privilege of having Joshua, Aaron, and Sarah in our class at various times. When we finally got promoted to third grade :-), I think we ended up having one of them (Sarah?) for two years. It’s been exciting to see them all grown, and Josh and Aaron with families of their own now and serving the Lord! We’ve also had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing your knowledge and passion for Civil War history and spiritual influences during our country’s history when you led a couple of heritage tours at the Manassas Battlefield as outreach events for our church.

Bernie and Linda have been godly examples to Sue and I, as well as a lot of other folks in your ministry to families, by your personal demonstrations of your lives and with your family. Looking forward to many more years of your family growing and serving Him and His Kingdom! To God be the glory!

Christina Comfort, now Christina Beall ⋅ — Dino Dig, Spring 2003

As a new Christian, traveling to the Creation Expeditions “Dino Dig” in Colorado in 2003 found me encouraged and my faith built up. Looking back now, it’s amazing that shortly after I was saved, God was already connecting me with the people who would eventually be my in-laws! I met Bernie and Daniel on that trip, and don’t remember much, except walking up a mountain and telling them all the exciting plans this 15 year old had to sell tomatoes and return for more dino digging! Little did I know that Bernie had a son named Aaron who was not on that trip, but who would one day become my husband!

To this day, Bernie and Linda continue to provide listening ears to our hopes and dreams, encouraging us in many ways, just like Bernie probably did that day on the Dino Dig. In many ways, that encounter was just the beginning of my relationship with the Bealls--a relationship that would unfold over the years to include lots of opportunities to observe the Beall family “in action!”

Over the past two years, since I’ve had the privilege of being in close proximity to the Bealls, and eventually becoming part of their family last year, I have been blessed by their consistent faithfulness to the Lord. As I’ve mentioned to others recently, they really are a family who lives out the ideals that they share!

Another spiritually significant trait that stands out in the Bealls’ lives is their desire to share the gospel whenever there is an opportunity--even if it means sacrificing a day that could be set aside to honor them! Notably, as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approached this year, what was on the Bealls’ calendar? Not a day to relax or take it easy, as would be perfectly well-deserved--but picnics alongside their family in a setting that would enable and encourage outreach to the local community. What a perfect example of the way the Bealls so seamlessly blend two priorities: faithfulness in the family sphere and passionate pursuit of the lost. This combination is a rare one amid Christian subcultures that sadly often seem to miss one or the other, and I am so grateful to benefit from the rich legacy the Bealls are building through Great Commission Families.

Tom Bonvissuto — Dino Dig, Spring 2003

The earliest recollection I have of Bernie was a Dinosaur Dig we went on in 2003. It was a trip I planned to mark the 10th birthday of my oldest son, Harrison. Bernie was on the trip with Daniel. I always appreciate the joy of learning Bernie brings to the different situations he is placed in. Here we were in Colorado, with creation scientists and Bernie seemed like a kid in a candy store – eating it (the knowledge and wonder of the experience) all up. We dug and found real dinosaur fossils, including raindrops in slate, sea creatures up on hills, and yes – dinosaur poop. I don’t think of Bernie as your typical evangelist. Even though he is a big presence, he is just a big teddy bear. He has always been gentle and approachable.

Since then we have seen Bernie and the Bealls through being involved in the same homeschooling group. I always wanted to attend the sessions he and the family led. We were fortunate to make it to the Monocacy and Antietam trips – I still think about MAGMA – if you don’t know, go on a trip. I look forward to going on more of these adventures with Bernie and crew. It is great to see the family expanding and we are thankful to have met Bernie. Thank you for your ministry!

All the best, Tom

1998 photo of Bernie & Linda with their “boss’s, boss’s, boss’s, boss’s, boss!”
Bill & Vonette Bright founded Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951.
Truly an influence for Christ to untold millions, several times
Dr. Bright personally encouraged us in our ministry in D.C.
After passing away in July of 2003, the first line of his official obituary included the words “founder of the world’s largest Christian ministry and known around the globe as one of the most vigorous Christian evangelists.”


Bridges International — 2003-2006 (3 years)

2000 - Bernie & Sarah were a part of the Operation Carelift Project to Russia led by the Josh McDowell Ministry

2003 - Aaron, Sarah & Bernie went to India with the Bless India Ministry

June 2003 - Aaron’s graduation day in Gettysburg, with cousin Ginny and Bernardine & Julia

Sept. 2004 - Final fall family photo as a family of six

Sept. 2005 - Josh and Kerin’s wedding day

May 2005 - Joshua and Kerin’s official seaside engagement photo. All smiles!

Introduction - April 2003 was a big month for us in our ministry career. After 20 years in Campus Ministry, we transitioned to the national team of Bridges Int’l, the international student ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. We learned and enjoyed so much during our time with Bridges. It also greatly prepared us to launch and lead our own small ministry in 2006, especially by helping give us connections around the world to people we can minister to when they come to the D.C. area. We have a host of dear friends in Bridges and through Bridges, to the glory of God! But perhaps most dramatically on the home front during these three years was the marriage of Josh and Kerin, and the birth of our first grandchild the following year.

“One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.” ~ Psalm 145:4

Chris & Karen Cunningham — Bridges International Staff

One unique role Bernie had with Bridges was coordinating sending Asian graduate students who had come to Christ in the U.S. back to their homeland on mission trips we called Nehemiah Projects.

Wow! 30 years of ministry - what a great track record! My memory is too fuzzy to go back in time with much detail - perhaps when we get to heaven I’ll be able to review all the cool things that have created our history, but for now I’ll stick with the more recent events. :-)

Bernie and Linda, we have been so blessed to know both of you all these years. Bernie, I’ve often called you over the years for help on everything from running a parenting class to putting together a talk, to trying to plan our spring break trips in D.C. Your service with Bridges and now your role of equipping families to make disciples is a natural outgrowth of the gifts and passions He has put inside the two of you. Thanks for investing your lives in the next generation, as well as the ‘next’ next generation -- it is an inspiration to us and no doubt many others have been blessed to see and experience you living out your priorities.

Bernie, there are so many memories I have of you. I could talk about our time in Spain distributing materials in Algeciras, or I could talk about the days at the Communication Center at CSU, or I could talk about shared memories at Mid-Atlantic staff conferences. But for now I’ll reminisce briefly about more recent experiences I have of you…

Chris Cunningham & a group of int’l students he brought to see D.C. with Bernie

I’ll never forget the two times you spoke at the Bridges Vision conferences. The first time, when you spoke to the students/scholars about Washington, D.C., it was one of the best talks of the whole conference. Your enthusiasm, your winsome demeanor, and your knowledge of D.C. was a real blessing - you hit a home run! And then, the following year, when you spoke at the New York (in the Rutgers area) Vision Conference -- that too was another big win. You are someone who looks at history and culture and you see the hand of God. Not only can you see it but you can communicate that clearly to others! Every time you lead our Penn State int’l student groups around D.C. on tours, I find myself feeling so proud of you and the way that you combine history with spiritual lessons. You are the ultimate teacher who never ceases to challenge his students to look beyond the facts and figures to the God who has created mankind and made us to know Him.

And Linda, your faithful service to Christ as a mother and a staff member and as a co-laborer with Bernie has been a great inspiration as well. We enjoyed getting to know your family while we were both at the Communication Center. More than once we’ve remembered you guys coming that summer with two car top carriers on your van - what memories! Remember Casa Bonita?! Your family is fun, you’re kind, you’re passionate for the Lord, and you have great kids! We were able to see all of that firsthand. Moms are the ones who play such a big part in creating an environment for nurture and love in the home. Thank you, Linda, for loving and giving of yourself for your family and for helping to launch your children into lives of fruitful service for Him while at the same time freeing up Bernie to serve us and so many others on a regular basis.

We celebrate the past 30 years of ministry with you! Keep up the good work!
In Christ’s great love and fellowship,
Chris, for Karen

Harriet Smith — Bridges Int'l Staff

I remember when I participated on the University of Maryland summer project in 1995. It was a year before I ended up moving to College Park (and staying for 10 years) and a huge help so that when I did move, there was some familiarity to the location. One thing in particular that really stood out to me from that project was the way you always enjoyed including your family in what we did. Later you established a whole new ministry with that emphasis. I don’t know when the genesis of Great Commission Families began for you, but I was certainly impressed by the way you were already living it out back then.

After moving to College Park, I would see you at the Global Day of Prayer events for the D.C. area Cru staff, but when you came to work with Bridges it was even better. I have always been impacted by the way you use acrostics as I like to do the same. You have a way of helping us to remember things by either an acrostic or by using key words or phrases that all begin with the same letter or sound. You are also a master tour guide for the D.C. area, always bringing in the spiritual aspects of what is there for us to see.

Harriet and her Chinese friend greet newlyweds

I love the way you have home schooled your children and challenged them to launch out with something in which they excelled. Though each child is different, each one has made a mark on life by his or her own special talents which you and Linda have nurtured and encouraged.

It was a joy to attend Josh and Kerin’s wedding at the Bloom home and bring a Chinese friend. It was such a testimony of what it’s like to follow biblical principles in courtship and marriage and a huge eye opener for my Chinese friend.

It’s always a joy to read your updates and see the way God continues to gift you with fruitful outreaches in the D.C. area and beyond. I love how your creative juices flow in the fliers you write. Linda has a special writing talent but you both are amazing, along with each of your special and unique children, and now grand-children and the spouses of your sons. You totally live out the vision you have for family ministry and it’s a joy to behold. I also appreciate your continued availability to Bridges for various things. Your whole family helps all of us to think outside the box!

Mark Ogden — Penn State & Chinese Int'l Student Ministry

1979 - Mark speaking at a
Christians for Cambodia Rally
in NYC near the U.N.

Ogden Family at Great Wall of China

Mark brought Asians to visit the USA

I remember noticing Bernie when I was new to Cru and only a freshman at Penn State. He seemed to be so enthusiastic about his faith and sincere, even from just a short time knowing him. He’s still that way! We’ve served together in the Mid-Atlantic region and I appreciate his heart for relevant and clear evangelism. I appreciate his heart to serve the many Chinese who visit the Capital and how naturally he again wisely and naturally points them to Christ.

We had several opportunities to minister together with internationals at the University of Maryland in the 90s.

Bernie helped in the “transfer” of the International Summer Project at UCLA and moved it to the University of Maryland. Again, his enthusiasm and initiative helped continue the momentum of this strategic ministry to Chinese international students.

Our daughter was recently hospitalized and Bernie took the initiative to ask a group of Penn State alumni to pray for her. He’s a natural networker and still an encouragement to me even though we’ve been out of college for over thirty years! I count Bernie as one of those faithful friends who I can pick up with anytime and catch up like we’d not been apart.

Fred & Dana Andre — Bridges International

Bernie was a great encouragement to me when I was discouraged about home education. I am so glad we pressed on to receive the many blessings including a close loving family who loves the Lord.

The other impression of the Bealls is they are always positive and full of faith. Over many situations I have seen them respond in faith. Their response has been such an encouragement to me over the years. May God continue to bless them both over the coming years with a wake of disciples who love Jesus and make disciples of their children and others.

Blessing to both of you!
~ Fred for the Andres

Ricky Stevens — N.C. State Bridges Int’l & Berlin Conference Teammate

Congratulations on 30 years of ministry!!!

I was so glad that Bernie came along with us to Berlin in the spring of 2005. We were there to encourage our fellow German staff that were reaching out to international students and help equip their ministry. Bernie is encouraging, upbeat and optimistic. That is what our German friends needed to counter the more difficult spiritual climate, especially in Berlin.

2005 - Bridges Europe Int’l Student Conference in Berlin, Germany

Here is an excerpt from our May 2005 prayer letter:

“The skyline of Berlin has a reflected cross in the mirrored ball on a television tower (a thorn in the flesh for communists in years past), a cathedral dome, and then a large construction firm’s sign: ZWEIFEL, which translates DOUBT. These 3 things summarize German history for me: the Reformation, God’s grace in spite of the last century and now 99% of the population skeptical about the Lord Jesus.

However, there are some bright spots—a new, gifted German staff couple and the international student ministry. We assisted at the Chinese Bridges conference in Berlin. We had the opportunity to encourage our German staff. Thirty Chinese delegates came from Holland, Switzerland, France, Germany and the Czech Republic. The Dutch group was especially close and exhibited a contagious love for Christ and each other. I spent individual time with Ling Fong, a Dutch citizen of Chinese heritage whose Chinese wasn’t good enough to participate in the conference. I went over the material with him separately.

Then I met Tuan, the husband of one of the conference delegates. I had an intense conversation in German with him at the outreach party. Tuan came to Germany from Vietnam at the age of eight and he has become thoroughly German in his thinking. I have sent him and his wife a detailed Bible study in German on biblical prophecy. Out of the 100 at the outreach party, four received Christ and many signed up for Bible studies.

A week earlier Bridges had the first Eastern European conference in Kiev. Fifteen guests at the outreach party trusted the Lord. There are even more Chinese in eastern Europe than in the west and they are more open.”

Bernie has assisted our North Carolina State University Bridges Int’l ministry on numerous occasions. Each fall we take a group of students from NCSU in Raleigh, NC to Washington, D.C. for a weekend. It is one of the top desired destination spots of international students. Bernie has led our tour and wonderfully brought in the history and Christian background of our nation. He has creatively shared the gospel with them through his well thought out pamphlets and illustrations. This outreach has been a key part of our ministry. The students that go on this trip tend to stay with us for the rest of the year. We are thankful to Bernie for making this such a special trip for them.

In Christ,

2005 - At the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with several of the Bridges International staff from America. We were in Germany to assist at the Bridges Europe Int’l Student Conference (photo previous page). From left to right: G.P. Foote (Iowa), Ricky Stevens (N.C. State), Chuck Lewis (WVU), Bernie and Ted Child (UMD).


Great Commission Families — 2006-2013 (7 years & counting)

2006 - We launch Great Commission Families & our first grandchild is born!

2007 Easter - May Chapman lived the last weeks of her life in our home

2008 - Sarah’s Senior Piano Recital

2011 - Four beautiful granddaughters

2012 - Evie is our fifth granddaughter

2012 - Aaron & Christina are married

2013 - Ezra, our first grandson, arrives

Introduction - In 2006, after twenty-three wonderful years with Campus Crusade for Christ, we stepped out in faith with a desire the Lord had been growing in our hearts for several years. We launched Great Commission Families with the simple vision to help families take steps of faith toward greater involvement in the Great Commission, right where they live now. We have primarily been doing that by creating family-friendly evangelistic outings, mostly to tourist areas here in the greater Washington, D.C. area. In addition, with our many friends around the world in ministry, we continue to serve international guests by sharing America’s unique Christian heritage, especially as seen in our nation’s capital. Enjoy these stories from dear people who joined us in some of our latest ministry adventures!

Alan & Joyce Brower — Sterling, VA

We probably first met the Bealls in the early 2000’s through home school connections and have grown to appreciate their ministry as they’ve invited us to join them in their special outreaches. The events that we remember most clearly are Antietam, MD, the Cherry Blossoms in D.C., Gettysburg, PA, Mother’s Day in Frederick, MD and the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. At Antietam we bicycled a loop around the entire park stopping periodically so that Bernie could speak about something spiritually significant related to the Antietam battle. We were given specially prepared gospel handouts that we gave to park visitors. Our daughter still talks about that day.

The Cherry Blossom event a few years ago especially stood out to Joyce as so many very eagerly received the Cherry Blossom handouts, telling of Christ’s provision for our reconciliation to God. She kept running out of handouts and would go back for more. She especially remembers when Daniel Beall came to help her after she replenished one time and how people kept taking the handouts so eagerly and quickly from him. She’s never before or since seen tracts being so eagerly and quickly received. She left that day filled to the brim with joy and excitement in the Lord for how He had reached so many people with the gospel that day.

At the Mother’s Day outreach in Frederick we talked with people who were extremely eager to hear and talk about the gospel (photo above).

In January 2012, the Bealls took us to the Manifold Greatness 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible display at the Folger Library. As we began, Bernie had Matthew 5:1-16 read to us from the Sermon on the Mount and gave us suggestions on watching for people that might be interested in hearing more about the Bible. The display information on the King James Bible was very interesting. Throughout our visit, Bernie periodically shared important facts and truths about the power and influence of God’s Word in the world and had various passages of Scripture read or recited during our time there. In a lot of ways, that King James Bible display outreach probably sums up a lot of what we have gleaned from the Bealls—that the power for life and godliness comes from God’s Word. We are to be ambassadors going into the world, reconciling the world to Himself.

Generally, I (Alan) feel uncomfortable talking to people about the gospel in a public setting. Bernie eases the discomfort by writing great gospel handouts and organizing the events so that we’re not guessing about the mechanics. His handouts are relevant to the location of the outing and clearly share God’s truth. He gathers us together before we actually go out, giving us the schedule and explaining how to distribute their specially designed handouts that tell the spiritual history of the location we’re at and share the gospel message.

As a family we have very few opportunities to share the gospel with others and look forward to joining the outreaches whenever we can and are disappointed when we can’t make them. As we look back, the times spent with Bernie and his family provided opportunities to seek God’s kingdom, giving us a sense of ministry and service to God through Jesus Christ. The whole experience is well planned, family friendly and encouraging to us as a family. The outreach programs have been powerful for us as we’ve learned about the spiritual history of the various places we’ve visited and then learned how to share this history and the gospel message with others at these location. Through these outreaches, we’ve had the joy and fulfillment of watching God reach out to people with His love and Word.

Thank you Bernie and Linda for organizing and inviting us to these wonderful events! May God bless! ~ The Browers

Imran & Tami Razvi — Conquered By Love Ministries, Boyds, MD

2007 - The Razvi Family children singing the National
Anthem at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Someone passing
by asked, “Are they the new Von Trapp Family?” ⋅

We remember joining Bernie and Linda on an outreach to Baltimore (back when we had only eight children – and one apparently on the way – which explains the wooziness Tami felt that day). What a blessed day we had, handing out gospel fliers about Francis Scott Key and sharing music with people in Baltimore. We loved seeing how natural it was for Daniel Beall to be witnessing with his family through quoting scripture. The family unity was encouraging. We were also encouraged as our children boldly handed out gospel fliers along with us. Even our young son who had little language (being just in our family a short time following his adoption) was able to hand out fliers with a contagious smile that passers-by could not refuse. And so, instead of just us encouraging the children, their enthusiasm was an encouragement to us! Knowing that we were co-sowers with our children of seeds for the Kingdom of God blessed us. And as we prayed following that outreach, the prayers had personal meaning for our children as well.

Baltimore Inner Harbor - With amazing poise, grace and passion, Daniel recited the entirety of Romans 8. And it was a special delight to see how enthusiastically the children were in giving gospel fliers to people, and how grateful they were to take them.

We so often witness to people one on one, as we are going about our daily lives. And so our younger children do not as often get to be part of witnessing. The planning of outreach events that Bernie and Linda put together through Great Commission Families was a great way for us to jump into something that was already planned. We are grateful that they have encouraged families in this way over the years.

This focus on ministering as a family, that Bernie and Linda hold so dear, was an encouragement to us as we launched our own family ministry, and we have taken that to heart, always including our children in the ministry. What a joy to be ministering alongside our children. Thank you, Bernie and Linda, for your encouragement!

Imran & Tami Razvi, and Daniel, David, Isaac, Cristina, Leonela, Anisa, Jacob,
Carina, Nadia, Samuel, Aliya & Daanya

Chan Kei — Int’l Chinese Christian Leader

When we were looking for a spiritual insider for Washington, D.C., someone recommended Bernie. And what a fabulous job he did with the Chinese delegation. They were blessed by his intimate and spiritual knowledge of the Capitol. And then to our pleasant surprise, I found that my wife, Lisa, had known Bernie and Linda when they were involved with CCC at Penn State years ago in the 70s. So we took our son on a special tour of the nation’s capital in 2010 and Bernie was our guide. Bernie’s insights into the spiritual foundation of this nation is invaluable and a much needed voice. The truth has been buried deep. We are so grateful that Bernie is there to tell the true story. More than his knowledge, we are impressed by his servant’s attitude. This attitude has impressed all the Chinese friends I’ve sent to Bernie. He not only tells the true story of this nation, he embodies the spirit of the godly men and women who founded it on biblical principles.

Warmly, Chan Kei

Andy White — N.C. State, Int’l Student Fellowship

[Editor: Over the years we have received many thank you notes in our ministry.
This one is among the most specific and encouraging ever!]

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful, interesting, challenging, encouraging and flexible tour guide earlier this month. On behalf of all the international students and all the staff and volunteers I want to express our heartfelt THANKS! We appreciate all you did for us SO MUCH.

Thanks for giving up a couple days to come down to D.C. and give us the best tour of Washington and its monuments any of us have ever had. It was truly a great informative and educational experience. I thought I knew a lot about our nation’s capital and its founding fathers until I met you. I learned so much and enjoyed it in the process. Many of the students commented on their evaluations of the trip how much they enjoyed and appreciated your tour, comments and personal engagement with our group.
Personally I am grateful to you as well and I enjoyed immensely our interaction and all you had to share with and without the students. I also appreciated your perspective and insight on our topics of conversation as well as your wit and sense of humor. It was a really great day! Thanks for being a major part of what made it that way.
Thanks also for bringing all of those neat tracts you and your wife wrote on the monuments in and around D.C. and the other historical information. They were great and hopefully the students will refer to them again and be reminded of the truth of God’s Word and His great love for them.

Thanks again, I am so grateful. Take care and may the Lord encourage your heart!

2010 - N.C. State int’l students at the Jefferson Memorial (Andy White is top right)

Brad & Jooyoung Voeller — College Plus, and Family Mission Int’l (2005-10)

2007 - Engagement party for Brad & Jooyoung

Without the Beall family, Family Mission Int’l would likely have never become a reality. As I shared with Bernie about the many open doors for launching a family discipleship movement in South Korea, he became excited and said “Let’s do it!” During the years that followed it was a joy to partner together in planting the seeds that gave birth to numerous ministries that still impact thousands of lives today.

Another great memory was the first party celebrating our new relationship and what a surprise! We couldn’t have been happier to share that precious time in our lives with the Beall family and friends. Without a doubt, the highlight was the gigantic balloon crowns. :-) Later that year, wedding bells were heard in South Korea!

Dale & Ellen Frierson — Fairfield, PA

D.C. Monumental Outreach Tour orientation and Bernie
sharing one of his many gospel-focused flag stories

I remember when we and the Bealls went to Washington, D.C. to hand out the “Monumental Words” flier Bernie wrote. It was our first adventure of this kind and we were a bit anxious. Bernie, Linda, Aaron, Sarah, and Daniel helped us with their enthusiasm, organization, encouragement, understanding, and prayer. It was a blessing and a privilege for us to participate, as well as a lot of fun. What’s neat about the Bealls’ ministry is they are able to incorporate so much variety in how they sow gospel seeds with neighbors, visitors, and people on the street, so there is something for every family to do to learn how to spread God’s love to others. Bernie’s excitement about God’s Word is so infectious and Linda’s complementing quiet wisdom are truly a God-blessed combination in their marriage and their vision for family evangelism. They truly love the Lord and deeply desire to introduce that love to others.

Looking back, the significant thing to me is that faithfulness to God’s Word and His ways brings blessings, abundant blessings, which result in thankfulness. The Bealls are a family with abundant blessings. They are thankful. The good works they do unto the Lord are done to bring Him glory.

Thank you, Bernie, Linda, and all the Bealls for shining the light of Jesus in such a God-glorifying way.
Love, Dale, Ellen, and Abby

Chris & Andrea Prang — Charlottesville, VA

Our memorable moment would be our memorable weekend when most of the Beall family came to Charlottesville for a weekend conference on the family that we hosted in our home. It was great to see EVERY family member participate and minister. The teachings were encouraging and helpful. The fellowship was wonderful. And we especially remember Sarah and our daughter Jessie Dean playing the same song over and over on the piano together and Daniel making the Origami paper figures for our son Christian.

In Christ,
Chris & Andrea

Pastor Brad & Alyson Shedd — Harvest Assembly, Chesapeake, VA

I first remember the Beall family at “Celebrate the Glory.” Actually, to be more specific . . . it was the night before “Celebrate the Glory,” when we all met at the Hendry’s home . . . we experienced the joy of the Hendry hospitality, the joy of sharing hymns together, and then the joy of sharing our family’s stories . . . It was pretty cozy in there, but it was rich! We remember being fascinated by your family’s journey . . . Alyson really connected with your Campus Crusade link, and I was taken by your choice to “launch out into the deep” . . . and how the growing conviction of family-integrated ministry had resulted in major life change and adjustments! At another “Celebrate the Glory,” I remember “meeting” your family at a common rest stop as we were winding our way through the mountains, heading toward Massanutten . . . an unexpected but joyful reunion!

Bernie, I remember the many wonderful Uniting Church & Home Network meetings together at Midlothian with Eric Wallace and the crew. I always enjoyed your supportive spirit and helpful comments, and I was particularly impacted by the time that you brought your pastor with you . . . and I got to interact with him and learn his story!

Next, we remember the wonderful time we had with you as you joined us for our first conference with your family—“Great Commission Families.” All of the sessions were wonderful, and we loved how you integrated all of your family, even if some of it was by technology! The fellowship at our home after the conference was truly rich and sweet . . . our children in particular loved playing music with your daughter! One of the lasting fruits from the conference was your initial session on courtship, and the brochure you had prepared describing the courtship of your first son . . . Also, it was impacting to see your creative yet simple evangelism fliers. I remember one family in our church being so impacted by this, that they had planned to create a document they could give out whenever someone approached them and questioned them about their family.

Finally, we remember our special time together last fall for our Courtship seminar. You all did such a job of “anchoring” this seminar . . . and of partnering together in your presentations! Thanks for the living example and sound godly wisdom you gave at this event! Again, we had a great time at our home Saturday night, especially playing some music for you, and we will always remember the wonderful time we had at Jason’s Deli afterwards on Sunday . . . it’s been a joy to have your family “cross-pollinate” with our family over these years!

May God continue to allow you to impact and minister to other households and fellowships like you have impacted ours!

The Shedds:
Brad & Alyson, Olivia, Sophia, Stephen, Ava, Susanna, Laura, Juliana & Brennan

Dr. Jerry Yu — Excelsis Leadership International, Singapore

Bernie, I like to say that you are one of the best examples of someone who lives out your faith in daily life. Your ministry is a gracious one. We do need to learn from you. In my heart you are one of the most dearest friends and partners to me and to ELI. May God bless you another 30 years serving Him in His grace, as well as our partnership and friendship. Emmanuel!

Randal Ruble — Excelsis Leadership International, USA: DC 2011 & 2013

2013 - ELI businessmen at Mount Vernon (Randal & Dr. Yu 2nd & 3rd from left)

Bernie, I remember the first time we were introduced. I was trying to get information from our ministry partners as we were putting together details of a trip we were planning for a group of Chinese Christian Businessmen. It was not going well at all. We made a last minute change to the schedule to spend a few days in Washington, D.C. None of us had any contacts there so I was very reluctant to make the change. I am not sure how Dr. Yu got your contact but he asked me to follow-up. I was shocked at how quickly, professionally, creatively and detailed you replied to me. I was even more amazed at how you seem to be able to do that with a big smile . . . even via email!! You are stellar, my friend, in your ministry. Every time I think of the verse, “ your work as unto the Lord,” I think of you, Bernie. You are perhaps the best example I have seen of that lived out in life.

Another thing I noticed right off was that yours is a family ministry. The first time we arrived at the airport, Linda was driving the second car for the baggage, with the tremendous Beall smile!! The following day your son was there to serve the group with the same passion, zeal and great smile. There was a real genuine sense of the Lord’s presence and an act of worship to Him through your family’s ministry to our group. I don’t see that in families very often.

I think your attention to detail is a real gift; with the gift bags, the photo slide shows, the maps, the water bottles, the every little thing that one could think of right there the moment a wish or request becomes evident. Actually, most of us had that, “wow, that’s pretty cool, I would never have thought of that, it’s very nice!” sense when we are with you, Bernie. You have that extra touch of excellence in service that is missing so often. The amazing thing is that you also top all that off with an endless stream of really interesting fun facts, that never cease to enliven the whole atmosphere wherever we are with a real connection to a living faith.

Lastly, you are a faithful steward of the Word. We have never been together when you were not taking an opportunity to share one of your wonderful tracts with people as we toured around the city. You, your wife and family are an inspiration and a challenge to us all. Thank you for the honor of co-laboring together my friend.

Press on another 30, or until He calls you home!!!
Grace and peace!

Daniel & Valerie Cox — Cascade, MD

2007 - Daniel Cox and Family

Francis S. Key’s home Terra Rubra

Bernie and Linda Beall have blessed our family with sweet memories together of boldness in the gospel combined with an understanding of the joyful heritage of liberty and freedom we enjoy as Americans. When we were just two years into a new small business Bernie and Linda invited us to their event to commemorate Francis Scott Key’s writing of the National Anthem by participating in a “bike hike” with other Christians from our home church riding around his boyhood home and plantation grounds with key historic stops along the way for historical discussions. As we rode with our children, we went door to door inviting families to an evening with our church fellowship to consider the history of Francis Scott Key and family and our nation’s godly, Gospel heritage. For that evening, Bernie had asked our family to dress up in 1812 era colonial costume to represent the Key family, and to present the story of his life in skit form. We had such a great time doing just that even though our young, second-born son lost his dinner after becoming ill from drinking too much cider, too quickly. What a fun and Jesus-focused time we had that evening and it was made possible by God’s grace working in the Bealls for the outreach and successful event to occur, which impacted the community for Christ. Bernie has also impacted my sons and daughters for the gospel by his many excellent fliers, including the Maryland Flag flier and presentation he gave at the Maryland State House for young people involved in the TeenPact program, including my son.

2009 - TeenPact Annapolis, Maryland (Bernie & Daniel are on the far right)

Bernie and Linda have blessed my family personally, when we needed encouragement in my business and work, and they have blessed us spiritually in our walk with God. They have hosted marriage-strengthening events in their home which have blessed my wife and many others. They have shared the Gospel of God’s amazing grace and unfailing love at each moment they have had. A major benefit we have learned through their leadership is to be bold in the love and truth of our faith in Christ and share the gospel with complete strangers through one-on-one friendly contact and outreach at important historical and holiday-time events where large crowds and tourists may gather. They have helped us not be bashful in this way by encouraging at least one contact - an “each one, reach one” type of beginning for people new to this bold and good work of personal evangelism. For my family, the first time we did this approach with Bernie on the C&O Canal and Harper’s Ferry hike at least two of our children personally witnessed to several people as did my wife and I, and in total our family reached and spoke with a number of interested and listening folks. We praise God for the Beall family and thank Him for the blessings of friendship and fellowship in the Lamb which we will share now and for eternity.

2007 - Our first Harpers Ferry Outreach Tour team ready to begin!

2009 - Our first annual Titanic Men’s Outreach Dinner, and Bernie
sharing three spiritual lessons from the sinking of the Titanic.

Rich & Mel Lewis — Severna Park, MD

Our family remembers well the time we joined the Bealls at Manassas Battlefield for a walking Christian history tour. Bernie has such a gift in bringing much of our Christian heritage to life. We enjoyed having the opportunity to hand out tracts that were replicas of that time period. Rich especially enjoyed showing up in full Civil War gear and it was fun to see young children so eager and engaging (photo right). We are grateful for the Bealls and their hearts to faithfully seek out opportunities to share with others the blessings of the gospel.

A Neighbor Who Recently Had a Job-related Move

The caroling last Christmas was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I appreciated it a TON and I know the new owners will feel at home. It’s bittersweet leaving, as I love it here. But things do change, and my time is now. Thanks for being such a great neighbor and for welcoming me to the neighborhood.

Brad & Karen Schott — Westminster, MD

We have been with Bernie and Linda and their family to several of their local out-reaches and we must say that they are highlights of our time spent together as a family. There really is no better way to spend time together than sharing the love of Jesus. Bernie and Linda’s gospel fliers, that they have written, are amazing in that they intertwine historical information into the Gospel. May the Lord continue to bless their ministry for many more years!

Gary & Susan Derr — Mount Airy, MD

One of the things I appreciate about the Bealls is their vision for ministering as a family, and their passion to have other families do the same. Their love for the Lord, and excitement in doing His work is a solid foundation as they minister. For believers, it helps to “spur [us] on to love and good deeds.” For the non-believer, I can’t but help think that it plants seeds that can bear eternal fruit. Bernie is “out there,” with this buoyant personality and endless colorful sayings and stories, and Linda is his more quiet but powerful helper - a good testimony of what a marriage relationship centered on Christ should be. We have been a part of the Bealls’ ministry at Monocacy Battlefield and through a home seminar we hosted. Both were a blessing. Still trying to get to D.C. and the C&O Canal! Bernie and Linda, as you continue to love and serve the Lord, often through loving and serving your family, may you not grow weary, and may the Lord be glorified.

Pastor Jonathan Switzer — Crossroads Valley Church, Frederick, MD

I remember when I first prayed with the Bealls after a knowledgeable presentation at the Battlefield by the Monocacy River. Bernie, his wife and two of his children were there and I was immediately struck by the rapport and togetherness of their family as they considered the past and prayed for God’s purposes to be established today. Bernie shared some of his fabulous historical fliers and I made a note that this was a treasure in Frederick.

After getting on his mailing list and looking for opportunities to join the Bealls at their various outreaches, an idea came up to put together a solid historical record of the churches of Frederick for the “In The Street” annual Frederick event. Bernie brought his passion for historical detail to the project and together with several others, we put together a high quality five-panel standing display for the event. That day Bernie came with several young men to join our small team as we used the “Clustered Spires” of Frederick to point people to Christ. Over 70,000 people came through that day as we provided quality and interesting historical facts and passed out the very instructive gospel flier that Bernie had produced. Bernie’s passion for history and for Christ are infectious. It is a joy to work with him and his family.

2013 - Joel Fischer & Daniel at the “In The Street” Festival before the crowds came

Joel Fischer — Frederick, MD

The Bealls’ ministry combines evangelism, providential history, and family building all into one, and has been a delight to observe, learn from, and participate in. I won’t forget my trip with the Bealls and Stonewall Jackson to Antietam Battlefield in 2012 (what a scorcher of a day that was!), the wonderful Christian Heritage walking tour in DC in summer of 2013 (which took me from being a DC tourist to a DC “insider,” including knowing where the free parking in DC is!), and working with Bernie and other local ministers at the “In The Street” outreach in Frederick in the fall of 2013. Bernie has become a wonderful friend to me, and a testimony that God does give us the desires of our hearts in our work and vocation. Thank you, Bealls, and may the Lord Jesus richly bless the next 30 years of your ministry!

Rev. John Bane — Brunswick, MD

I have found every opportunity to spend time with Bernie Beall has been a blessing to me ~ except for those opportunities I have missed. Consistently I have found the life and example of Bill Bright reflected in Bernie, and like Bill he has been a most welcome, refreshing, and reinforcing influence for me.

I remember bicycling on the C&O Canal towpath with Bernie, sharing his Great Commission Families gospel fliers with many of the hikers and cyclers we would meet, with his warm and ready smile and greeting reaching out to anyone and everyone the Spirit might choose to touch through him. Special moments were those when someone would want to take the time to talk and to hear about a personal relationship with God through Jesus.

I remember going to D.C. with Bernie and his sons, to pay respect at the memorial to the men of the Titanic who gave their lives that women and children might survive, sharing the Gospel with other visitors, and meeting and enjoying dinner with a few of the many others who have benefited from his ministries.

2009 - Our friend Steve giving gospel fliers we re-printed
from the Civil War to re-enactors who receive it gladly.

We have enjoyed visiting among crowds at a special observance at Gettysburg, again sharing with visitors and re-enactors information about the war history as illustrative of Gospel truth, as written by Bernie in his Great Commission ministry tracts.

During the relatively few years I have known him, Bernie Beall has embodied and lived out the training and ministry of Bill Bright and Campus Crusade ~ ~ Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as he has applied the Master’s teachings in his own life ~ ~ Living in the love of God and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit ~ ~ and letting himself be used to research, write, design and use a wonderful series of thought-provoking tracts. ~ ~ ~ Keep on!

I have been and am honored to count Bernie and his family among my friends and fellow-followers of our Lord Jesus. I thank God for the years Bernie and Linda devoted to their career ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ, and for the newer Great Commission Families ministry. May God continue to bless you both with the knowledge and experience of seeing Him use you to bless others and draw them to Himself. ~ ~ ~ I love you, Brother!

Steve & Karen McCurdy — Baldwin, MD

Over the many years that we have been enrolled with Walkersville Christian Family Schools, my wife and I have enjoyed the opportunities that the Lord has provided in our unfolding and ongoing relationship with Bernie & Linda Beall and their family!

Bernie and I have at times enjoyed “reminiscing” about our early days experiencing life on our family dairy farms – Bernie here in Maryland, and me (Steve) in central New York. It was so encouraging to hear him talk about the godly heritage that his Mom, Dad, aunts and uncles had in setting such a rich foundation for him in that family setting - instilling dependence upon the Lord to provide the “ingredients” necessary for crops to grow and produce a bountiful harvest, and the incredible “miracles” of animal reproduction on the farm!

We have been blessed at our annual WCFS Roxbury Leadership Conferences with the evangelism ministry of Bernie and Linda, and worship times with them over the years, as well, at Walkersville Christian Fellowship. We had the opportunity to spend a day in Washington, D.C. on a loop walking tour visiting several of the key monuments and memorials. During the tour, Bernie emphasized the godly heritage that our founding fathers provided in the formative years of America, which he has also employed in their evangelistic outreach and American spiritual history outings in Maryland throughout the year – a very unique and practical way to engage visitors with the gospel!

Recently I had the privilege of again partnering with Bernie in their local residential community of Galyn Manor to conduct a “Tree ID” walk with their neighbors. After having previously led several Tree ID hikes at our Roxbury conferences, with the primary focus on the Lord as creator of all plant and tree life, I had useful and practical “handout” information to share with children and parents the various ways to identify trees, as well as incorporating the Biblical foundation that is of eternal value! I thank Bernie for his continued concern for their neighbors’ eternal destiny in that way!

Steve McCurdy led our two neighborhood Tree ID Hikes with knowledge and skill in a way that pointed the many families who joined us to the God of creation!


We thank the Lord for the kind and gentle spirit that Linda and Bernie manifest wherever they go, as Karen and I have observed over our years of fellowship with them. We pray that the Lord will continue to richly bless them as they give of their time, resources, and love serving Him and those they meet! Thank you both again!