As Promised, More Bach!

Hello friends,

My daughter made good on her Mother's Day promise to record some Bach for me! :)

Her life is very full right now, so it took a while until she had a bit of time to do this for me, but I appreciate it so much!

I hope if you listen you hear the 'problem?, solved!, problem?, solved!, problem?, solved!' idea that I talked about in my May devotional. The beautiful playful harmonies bring me such joy and peace.

So here are two of the pieces she recorded for me, both of which Sarah has played as preludes for our three Sunday morning services. The camera microphones don't do justice to her beautiful playing, and the piano, although very nice, sounds very bright in this recording, so this is not the same as a studio recording! But still I love these and think they are a nice capture and I am so grateful she squeezed in some time to do this for me!!

Here is a recording of Abbi and Rachel playing in their October recital - Abbi - JSBach Bouree from Suzuki Book 3 Number 7, and Rachel a Suzuki piece from book 2. Proud of them!

And...after I had said in my May devotional that Augustin Hadelich had not yet recorded any Bach, a German TV station recorded him playing the most beautiful Bach on the violin! It is not on YouTube so I can't embed it here, but I can give you a link! Hope you enjoy it too!

So that's really all for now - more music to glorify God! I am grateful that Bach composed such beautiful music with such a transcendent purpose, and that both my daughter and now granddaughters and grandsons get to play it too!

Much much love,
Linda for the Bealls