“Mobilizing Families for God’s Kingdom Worldwide”


“For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given:
And the government shall be upon His shoulders,
And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,
The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”
~ Isaiah 9:6

His Name Is Jesus, from the beginning to the end, the Alpha and the Omega. All through the scriptures, Christ is there. He is the completeness of all we could ever need. May our lives forever bring praise to His matchless perfection, He is our all in all!

In Genesis, the seed of woman, He came to us as a helpless babe
Exodus, the passover lamb, He makes a way for us
Leviticus, atoning sacrifice, He died for us
Deuteronomy, the smitten rock, He was bruised for us

Joshua, the captain, He leads us
Judges, the deliverer, He makes beauty from ashes
Ruth, the kinsman, He redeems us from the pit
Kings, the ruler, He rules over all we are

Nehemiah, the restorer, He makes all things new
Esther, the advocate, He is our advocate before the Father
Job, the Redeemer, He restores our soul
Psalms, the shepherd, He watches over us and protects us

Proverbs, wisdom, He gives us wisdom for every decision
Ecclesiastes, the goal, He makes all of earthy life seem small
Song of Soloman, the groom, He is the lover of our soul
Prophets, the coming one, He will come again

Gospels, the God-man, He knows our weakness
Acts, the risen one, He conquered death
Epistles, Head of the Church, He leads, loves, and protects His bride
And in The Revelation, the worthy one, to receive honor, and glory, and wisdom, and power, and strength.
Worthy is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World!

May the Lord bless you richly this CHRISTMAS!!



Bernie 2008

BERNIE - Bernie loves being a granddad! He thinks Abbi is just about the cutest little girl ever. And she is trying to say his name already. He also has enjoyed building a dam in the creek behind our house. (I am not kidding!) He is revisiting his childhood I guess, but I figure it is good exercise for an almost 50 year old with two torn ACL's who can't play basketball anymore. More than that, of course, he has loved the many opportunities he has had this past year to talk. Speaking at conferences, giving tours, having guests in our home, he loves it. History, people and talking, especially about the Lord and his family, are Bernie’s favorite things, and he’s had lots of opportunities this year!

Linda 2008

LINDA - Linda's year was bittersweet. As many of you know, her mother lost her 10-year battle with cancer here in our home in April. To us, she was young at only 70, but the Lord was ready to bring her home, and it was a privilege for Linda to care for her during her last days. We miss her so much! A highlight for Linda this year has been getting to watch her grandbaby. She and Bernie are so blessed to be only 25 minutes from Josh and Kerin, and to have such a sweet daughter-inlaw who gives her the privilege of keeping Abbi from time to time. Linda also enjoys being the 'manager' for her talented husband and family. She is the behind the scenes person and family cheerleader, cook, organizer, writer, etc. Linda hopes you enjoy the sample Gospel tract we enclosed that she wrote and Aaron designed for us to deliver to our neighbors when we carol this Christmas. Pray as we again sow seeds, that the Lord reaps a harvest.

Aaron 2008

AARON - A highlight for Aaron this year would be speaking at two seminars at the national conference for Adobe. He may have been the youngest speaker they’ve ever had. Josh went with him and he said that Aaron did a super job! You would think he was born to be a speaker. He continues working for a small web design company in Reston, VA, now mostly from home (whew, nice to avoid the commute), as well as being our crack designer for our web sites, letterhead, brochures, and Gospel tracts. It is such a blessing to have such a talented son helping us out. We honored Aaron this year with his first surprise birthday party ever, which was very special with dear friends present.

Sarah 2008

SARAH - Sarah is nearing the completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory and Composition, which she is doing from home. Sarah could be an eternal student, she just loves all the studying she "gets" to do: physical science, geology, Russian history, history of the Middle East, Greek, Hebrew, etc. But she is especially enjoying the challenging music classes she has had the opportunity to take. She has also enjoyed the new piano students the Lord has brought her way. She is still my helper in any task, helped me care for my mother in her last weeks, cooks, cleans, gardens, etc. She helps me in these areas in spite of her heavy academic load. We are blessed! Highlights for her would include a retained tooth that has come down after surgery and braces, and (finally) getting her drivers license!

Daniel 2008

DANIEL - Daniel is still our sweet blessing. He is our scripture memory hero. We have even made a CD of him reciting from memory 11 entire chapters from the Bible. A highlight for us this past year was for him to do some open air preaching, using his scripture, at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. His intricate origami and amazing insect collections continue to grow. In addition, he is quite the pianist. A new issue we recently were able to begin addressing is his 80 degree kyphosis (curvature) of the spine. We are trying a soft brace, and Dan is being a champ even though it is rather uncomfortable. Please pray with us that this brace will eliminate the need for surgery, and reduce and stabilize his curve.

Josh, Kerin and Abbi 2008

JOSH - Josh continues to be a talented web programmer, and still enjoys working at HSLDA full time. He is really a great father and husband, and it delights us to see him loving his wife and baby girl. He and his family are with us on many of our adventures with our ministry "Great Commission Families," and that greatly encourages us! We are blessed to see his walk with God and leadership in his home.

KERIN - Super mom, wife and wonderful daughter-in-law. She is an industrious keeper at home, caring for Abbi and Josh, but still serving others with her talents. She is a true Proverbs 31 young woman. We are blessed.

ABBI - What can I say? Abbi is smart, cute, obedient, pleasant, and such a blessing!

So there is a brief peek into the lives of this Beall family in 2007. We hope to hear from you also! We pray the Lord blesses you with a special Christmas season, remembering the power of that little babe come to earth, destined to die for our sins. And we pray that our Savior and Lord also gives you a blessed and Christ-focused 2008!

The Beall Family