New Year, New letterhead, New web site . . .

New prayer requests for 2007!

We pray the Lord is blessing your endeavors in the New Year! For our first letter of the New Year, we thought it was nice that our brand new letterhead, designed by Aaron, had just arrived. Aaron also took some time off from his regular job after Christmas to prepare and launch our new ministry web site! www.gcfamilies.org

As we are setting up our itinerary for 2007, we thought this month would be a good time to ask you to cover our endeavors with your prayers.

Please pray for the Lord to work out details for those things planned and those things yet to be planned, that the Lord would oversee the administration of it all. This is our probable itinerary, exact dates and details to be worked out yet, and there will be additions, deletions, and changes. We are asking you to please pray for us as we are planning and seeking to set up many of these events and speaking engagements, some in concert with our local church. Watch our web site itinerary page for updates posted there.

31-Feb. 4th - Father's Conf. in Indianapolis, IN (with Josh!)

Family Outreach and Evangelistic Training: Nursing Home
Local Father’s Seminar
Wives Titus 2 Meeting
10th - Sweetheart Dinner at our home

Outreach & Evang. Trng.: Neighborhood Easter Outreaches
Father-Daughter Dinner
Wives Titus 2 Meeting
Family Retreat

Family Outreach & Evang. Training: Carroll Creek Park, MD
Wives Titus 2 Meeting
13th - Attending Titanic Dinner, DC
14th - Father-Son Dinner in our home
21st - Family Heritage Expo, Frederick, MD

Family Outreach & Evangelistic Training: Harpers Ferry, WV
Christian Heritage Bike Tour: Harpers Ferry, WV
Wives Titus 2 Meeting
24-27th - Speaking at Ohio conference

Family Outreach & Evangelistic Trng.: Annapolis Rock, MD
Wives Titus 2 Meeting
7-9th - Speaking at HEAV conference
11-19th - Attending Jamestown 400 Celebration

Family Outreach and Evangelistic Training: Antietam, MD
Christian Heritage Bike Tour: Antietam, MD
Wives Titus 2 Meeting
Family Missions Trip to Korea (www.FamilyMission.org)

Family Outreach & Evang. Training: Baltimore Inner Harbor
Wives Titus 2 Meeting
15-19th - Family Leadership Conference, Roxbury, PA

Family Outreach and Evangelistic Training: Terra Rubra
Christian Heritage Bike Tour: Terra Rubra (FSK Birthplace)
Wives Titus 2 Meeting

Family Outreach & Evang. Training: Washington, DC Mall
Christian Heritage Bike Tour - Washington, DC Mall
Wives Titus 2 Meeting

Family Outreach & Evang. Trng.: Frederick Rescue Mission

Multiple Neighborhood Christmas Caroling Outreach

We hope you enjoy the enclosed article. Bernie and Sarah interviewed the original owners of the farm where our housing development was built. I worked their story into an article which Bernie edited. We used it, combined with a copy of the Christmas story from the gospel of Luke, to hand out when we went Christmas caroling in our neighborhood with a group of friends in December. We eventually gave the article and Christmas story to all 266 homes in “Galyn Manor,” plus the Brunswick mayor and city council members. Hopefully the Lord will use the article to sow seeds that will bear fruit for this Kingdom.

We also hope this article gives you an evangelistic idea unique to where you live! Please call us if you would like to brainstorm and pray together about it.

We are hoping by next month to have our family web site launched, to go along with our newly launched ministry website. Our family website will be where we post family pictures and ponderings.

God bless you!

Linda for the Bealls

“The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”
~ Proverbs 16:9